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Developing a Culture of Excellence

Junifen F. Gauuan, Ph.D.

Philippine education is currently torn by two opposing forces: the challenge of achieving globally competitive quality; and the challenge of keeping educational costs at a fraction of international standards. Some experts claim that it is possible to overcome either of the two challenges; but never both. Yet others believe that it is possible to design an educational system that hurdles both challenges; but if and only if the educational institution and its constituents develop a culture of excellence.Developing a culture of excellence requires unforgiving dedication, self-sacrifice, and unquenchable creativity. From a management point of view, it requires more than training, coaching and the issuance of official memoranda. For its desirable values cannot be taught; it can only be caught! It is best learned by performing work assignments and actually achieving educational outputs and outcomes using strategy-focused management plans and information systems. Some of the things we are doing in school that help us develop a culture of excellence while achieving globally competitive standards at a fraction of international cost standards are as follows:

  • Systematizing Syllabi We have started modularizing and  digitizing integrated and self-contained Syllabi which will also allow  individualized learning. These syllabi incorporate all the necessary  information for enriched individualized learning. It includes the Course  Number, Course Title, Dean\’ Information, Instructor’s Information,  General Objective, Topics, Enrichment Activities, References &  Educational Materials, Case Studies, Assessment Tools, Time Frames, Book  References, Grading Policy, and Required Papers.
  • Digitalization
    The syllabi modules, along with the e-learning  and multi-media materials they contain, are being produced and  distributed in digital formats to facilitate individual and group  learning in stand-alone, local area network and on-line computer  systems. In this connection, multi-media has been fully integrated in  the educational process of all academic levels. Complementing this is  the continuous acquisition of computers, software, and digital learning  resources.
  • Comprehensive Testing and Remediation We have developed a Computer-Aided Audit Review and Testing System  (CAARTS) software which we are using for course audits, review, tutorial  and testing activities of our students. CAARTS provides a very fast and  cost-effective method for comprehensively evaluating student  performance. It also allows individualized student assessment and  facilitates swift educational feedback and re-programming.

If the possibility of achieving excellence is perceived to be remote and unachievable, it will not be taken seriously by school administrators, faculty, and students. But if it can be shown that excellence is realizable, its norms and values can be created and imprinted in the educational culture.#Junifen F. Gauuan, Ph.D.


Enrollment Procedure

1ST SEMESTER 2021-2022
College: https://bit.ly/3yTMfZx
Graduate School: https://bit.ly/2S2qYMp

MIDYEAR 2021 Registration and Enrollment Procedures:

Registration Procedures
(College and Graduate School)

Enrollment: June 1-15, 2021
Classes Start: June 16, 2021

1. Open www.aldersgate-college.com/sias
3. In the form click “NEW APPLICATION”
4. Copy and keep the CONTROL NUMBER
5. For the item on “PLACE OF BIRTH” click the question mark (?) then select your place of birth.
6. For the item on “CHOOSE EXAM DATE”, indicate the current date
8. Click “SAVE”.
9. You will receive a text from 09360460762 or 09261184548 confirming your registration. Comply with the instruction for the issuance of SIAS Online USER ID and PASSWORD.

1. Visit the website www.aldersgate-college.com/sias
2. Click “STUDENT”
3. Log in to your USER ID and PASSWORD. The USER ID is your STUDENT NUMBER (Note. In case you forgot your password, send a message to https://m.me/AldersgateCollegeSIASOnline)
4. At the ONLINE SIAS menu, click “TRANSACTION.”
5. Click ENROLMENT”. Courses to be enrolled will be displayed
6. Click “AUTO”. Courses with the class schedule will be displayed in assess column (Note. If no schedule appears in any of the courses, click the said course and select among the schedule listed in the schedule area.)
7. When the schedule of courses is finalized, click “ASSESS”. The assessment of fees will appear.
8. Make payment through bank deposit at:
Philippine National Bank – Solano Branch
Account Name: Aldersgate Computer Institute
Account Number: 2263-12652159
Banco Lagawe – Solano Branch
Account Name: Aldersgate College, Inc
Account Number: 0548-002-01-080342-9

(LBC, MLhuliller, Cebuana Lhuiller, Western Union Money Transfer, and Palawan Express Padala)

Aldersgate Computer Institute
Philippine National Bank – Solano Branch
2263-12652159 (Account Number)
0967-669-7059 / 0927-301-6367 (Mobile Number)

Aldersgate College, Inc
Banco Lagawe – Solano Branch
0548-002-01-080342-9 (Account Number)
0967-669-7059 / 0927-301-6367 (Mobile Number)

Carolyn A. Amaranto

9. Send deposit slip with your complete name through e-mail at accounting@aldersgate.edu.ph
10. Wait for confirmation through an e-mail with your official receipt
11. To check if you are officially enrolled, log in to your ONLINE SIAS account
12. Click “REPORTS” then “ENROLLED SUBJECTS”. (Note: A remark “OFFICIALLY ENROLLED” appears)
13. To print your copy, click “PDF”.
Note: If you cannot process your enrolment through SIAS ONLINE, please send an email to sias@aldersgate-college.com or text/call
09360460762: SIAS Admin
09261184548: Registrar’s Office
09532335951: SMS
09532335952: CASE and GSE
09059794569: SOC
09067275317: CEIT
09532335975: SBMA and GSM

Subjects offered:


Aldersgate College Banner flies high in Alcala, Cagayan

Through the efforts of the Local Government Unit headed by Mayor Eufemia A. Dacayo and the Solano Police Station led by Chief of Police PMaj Ferdinand E. Laudencia, relief goods from donations made through the AC Office of Community Outreach and Extension Services reached Alcala, Cagayan.
Photo credits to @Solanomps PCR

Aldersgate College, Inc. Virtual Recognition/Graduation 2020

Congratulations Board Passers! We are proud of you!