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If you are in search of a school that envisions graduates who have a passion for excellence and devotion to public service, we are delighted to welcome you to the Aldersgate College School of Criminology.

Our undertaking is to provide students the opportunity to relate theoretical knowledge to practical application in order to make them prepared for effective integration to the work environment. This, coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities which are continuously upgraded, provide our students sufficient opportunities to become competent in the field of criminology, as they undergo hands-on experiences in our Criminalistics Laboratory for Photography, Ballistics, Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology. We also have Crime Scene and Investigation Rooms, spacious Classrooms, Computer Laboratory, Library with Internet Access, Audio Visual Rooms, and spaces for Sports and Cultural activities.

Our favorable performance in the Licensure Examinations is an indication that our students have been systematically exposed to the administration of justice in its many forms in both public and private agencies, on the national and local levels.

Our Academic programs cover the full range of crime, criminal justice, legal, and justice policy issues. Our classroom education is coupled with experiential learning in collaboration with government agencies from the local to the national levels which further enrich our students’ capabilities, as they are immersed in various situations through observation and hands-on training.

The School of Criminology of Aldersgate College is relatively young, but it has now produced graduates endowed with competencies that empower them to be effective law enforcers in their respective niches of work, occupying positions in law enforcement, higher education, policing and security, and in corrections and justice. This is the result of our commitment to imparting knowledge and sharpening our students’ technical skills through the many experiences they undergo as members of the various Student Organizations.

Moreover, our Faculty is composed of High Caliber and Board Exam Passers, part-time active PNP members, and  has been consistent in producing Board passers for several years since 2004.

Aldersgate College has established the Center for International Education (CIE) for online studies for both international and local students. I encourage you to explore our website where you will find detailed information about the School, our academic programs, our faculty, our student body, as well as our curricula.

We welcome you to Aldersgate College School of Criminology!

Dean, School of Criminology


The School of Criminology shall become a research-oriented organization, implementing innovative projects, and providing specialized and continuing education to local and international students and professionals.


The School of Criminology will develop professionals in the fields of Law Enforcement Administration,  Criminology, Criminal Justice Administration,  Jail Management and Penology, and Disaster Management and Fire Protection, who are capable of providing excellent and proactive services to their clients in a multi-national and multi-cultural work setting.

Curricular Strategy

The School of Criminology requires that all faculty members be actively involved in criminology research in their respective fields of interest in order that they can deliver enriched learning through the synthesis of theory and practice.

In this connection, students are intensively exposed to apprenticeship work assignments and are required to conduct practical research with public and private agencies involved in the administration of peace and order. This enables them to build professional networks and employment contacts that prove valuable when they finish their course.

Critical Expertise Required Instructional Strategies
1.1 Communication Skills
  • Personal & Organizational Communication
  • Multi-Media and Information & Communications Technology
  • Oral & Writing Skills Development
  • Hands-on laboratory training on Professional Applications Software
  • Learning Modules
  • Multi-Media Presentations
1.2 Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking Proficiency
  • Research Proficiency
  • Examinations
  • Graded Recitation
  • Project & Case Studies
  • Presentations
  • Reaction Papers
  • Research Papers
  • Thesis & Dissertation
1.3 Specialized Skills
  • ICT
  • Criminalistics
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Criminal Law & Jurispudence
  • Crime Detection & Investigation
  • Correctional Administration
  • Self Defense
  • Innovative International competency-based Curriculum
  • Practicum
  • Peer & Team Teaching
  • Role Playing
  • Educational Tour
  • Seminars, Workshops and Trainings
1.4 International Skills
  • Multi-Cultural and Multi-Language
  • International Experiences and Linkages
  • Foreign Travels & linkages
  • Knowledge of Foreign Language
1.5 Integrated Management Skills
  • Leadership & Strategic Management
  • Students use their own professional work situations for project and case analyses, thesis and dissertation.

Academic Programs

  • 4 – Year Bachelor of Science in Criminology (Download Curriculum) Major in:
    • Law Enforcement Administration
    • Criminal Justice Administration
    • Jail Management and Penology
    • Disaster Management and Fire Protection A degree course in Criminology will develop knowledge and skills in Criminal Investigation and Detection, Patrol Plans and Operation, Traffic Supervision and Control, Criminalistics, Criminological Analysis, Industrial Security Management, marksmanship, and self-defense.