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Course Descriptions

Science Curriculum

The Science Curriculum is designed for students pursuing interests in the Physical Sciences. It develops scientific thinking through rigorous study of scientific theories, tools and applications. And it builds inventive skills from creative laboratory work.

The Science Curriculum reinforces the students’ scientific research capabilities with knowledge of advanced computer software applications and information networks, websites, portals and data bases. E-Learning is also emphasized with the use of Multimedia and digital resources in integrated Lesson Plans that includes Computerized Achievement Testing and Educational Quality Audits of Science, Mathematics, Language and other tool subjects.

High quality education is sustained with adequate science and computer equipment and laboratory facilities.

Computer Science Curriculum

The Computer Science Curriculum is designed for students taking-up a general secondary core curriculum who want to pursue advanced tertiary-level training in information technology.

It incorporates tertiary-level course contents in secondary-level subjects such as:

  • Desktop Publishing (MS Word, Adobe Publisher, )
  • Computerized Tutorial & Testing (PowerPoint)
  • Mathematical Analysis( MS Excel)
  • Statistical Analysis (MS Excel)
  • Operations Analysis (Internet)
  • Financial Analysis (MS Excel)
  • Digital Music Programming
  • Digital Music Composition & Arrangement
  • Computer-Aided Instruction & Virtual Laboratory
  • Engineering, Architectural & Technical Design (AUTO-CAD)
  • Computer Arts & Graphics (PHOTOSHOP)
  • Games & Simulations
  • Video Production & Digital Presentations (Windows Movie Maker)
  • Software Programming (Visual Basic, C++, MySQL)
  • Systems Analysis & Design
  • Database Management (MS ACCESS, MySQL)
  • Local Area Network & Internet
  • E-Commerce