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Requirement for Graduation

  1. Academic Requirements. A student who completes the minimum required academic units for the course shall be recognized as graduate. He is obliged to attend the graduation ceremonies except for excusable reasons. No student shall be given academic credits for any given course unless he has been duly enrolled, regularly attended classes, submitted all class requirements, and passed all required examinations.
  2. Administrative Requirements. In addition to the academic requirements, the student is required to have complied with the following administrative requirements:
    • Submitted all the academic credentials (Form 138, Transcript of Records) required by the Registrar.
    • Settled all financial obligations and material accountabilities evidenced by the submission of Clearance Form duly signed by the following:
      • Student Supreme Council Treasurer, for obligations to student organizations;
      • Office of Student Affairs, for obligations or accountabilities to college student programs, projects and activities;
      • Librarian, for clearance of Library book, periodical and multi-media accountabilities and obligations;
      • Adviser, for subject requirements
      • College Dean, for any unsettled academic requirements
      • Property Custodian for clearance of book, material, supply, equipment, and other physical accountabilities
      • College Treasurer when all school fees are settled
      • Registrar when cleared of all financial and academic obligation
      • President, for validation of the Registrar’s signature.
    • Settled financial obligations related to graduation expenses.
  3. Graduating students are required to attend the graduation ceremonies.
  4. A Special Order duly sanctioned by the Commission on Higher Education can only be granted after completion of all academic and administrative requirements of the college.