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Community Extension and Outreach Program


Community Extension and Outreach Program

December 20, 2010 @ Brgy. Bonifacio, Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya

As the spirit of CHRISTMAS crosses the minds and hearts of everyone, of every family and home, the community is filled with happiness, and merry-making spells out the common perception of what CHRISTMAS is all about. But…..What does CHRISTMAS really mean to us?

The SCHOOL OF MEDICAL SCIENCES of ALDERSGATE COLLEGE sought to demonstrate that CHRISTMAS season is not simply merry-making among individuals of any age but a time and opportunity to give/share GOD’S LOVE ….as had been initiated by the birth of the Messiah-JESUS CHRIST who came to be our SAVIOR.

God’s love which fills our lives can be shared to anyone, especially to the less privileged, less-fortunate and needy brethren in the far-flung areas of our province. There are numerous ways to offer our LOVE to others from the simplest to the most lavish way of giving…. and what matters most is the sincerity and truthfulness of giving coupled with compassion and commitment.

Filled with God’s love and dedication to serve as inspired by GOD’s Commandment… “Love one another as God Loves You”…. the students of the School of Medical Sciences (Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Diploma in Midwifery and Health Care Services NC II) joyfully trekked their way up the winding roads of Brgy. Bonifacio to be with the community once again for the joint Thanksgiving and Christmas Program celebration.

Simple programs were simultaneously organized: one was held in Purok Centro- where most residents of the Barangay can easily access for gatherings of any kind; and another was in Sitio Tutong- regarded as the easiest and most accessible for those families far-north of the Barangay.

This time of fellowship and togetherness brought the residents much delight. As a manifestation of their appreciation and gratitude and considering the place where they lived, the residents readily expressed that they felt “loved and cared for” amidst their state in life.

LOVE was expressed by the students not only in words, but through the variety of gifts they have heartily given to the residents and so with the assurance of their commitment to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle despite their economic status. This can be done through the implementation of health services in answer to their health needs and health problems as far as the students’ capacity to be of help and capability to serve can reach.

The day’s activities ended with words of thanksgiving and contentment for such moments sponsored by committed students who are ready and dedicated to serve….and these are the SMS students of ALDERSGATE COLLEGE.