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Aldersgate College in its continued venture as a Learning Center for Excellence located within the heart of Nueva Vizcaya now opens its doors to students for the School      Year 2010-2011 offering varied programs that would prepare and hone any graduate that goes out from its portals to be globally competitive and comparable to other graduates coming from prestigious colleges and universities in metropolitan areas.

            The School of Medical Sciences as a department offering Health Allied Programs continuously enhances its curricular programs that would equip the students with the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes as foundation for excellent performances, making those as their spring-board to be at par with other professionals in various fields of industry where they land into for a noble job.

 To achieve all of these with success the School of Medical Sciences not only prepares its students in the academic aspect of learning but at the same time provides opportunities for every student to apply their theoretical knowledge, skills and attitudes through actual practice among authentic clients in the community; hence, a Community Extension and Outreach Program was conceived and was made feasible in a remote barangay of Quezon, a neighboring town flanking the Municipality of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

SAR-Ex (Student Action Response for Excellence)  The SMS-Community Extension and Outreach Program is now on its second year of existence and for this School Year 2010-2011 since its conception in 2010.  This program is vis-à-vis in the implementation of the SAR-ex Project introduced by the Commission on Higher Education which commenced this School Year.

Student of the School of Medical Sciences checking heart rate to assess the health status of school children of Brgy. Bonifacio.


            On the first week of July 2010, several volunteer students of the School of Medical Sciences together with some Faculty Members went to Brgy. Bonifacio, Quezon, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya (the adopted community for the Community Extension and Outreach Program) and paid a visit to the place. The group made the necessary coordination with the Barangay Council Officials and presented the Department’s plan in sustaining the program which was previously launched and implemented in the preceding year.  The Barangay Council Officials and the constituents of the community being very thankful and appreciative for the continuity of the program gave the assurance of a committed and sincere active involvement of the Barangay as a whole.

On that same week, ocular visits to the different Puroks and Sitios were done by the students and faculty involved in this extension program with the intention to conduct the necessary assessment purposely to identify prevailing needs and problems of the community people. Furthermore, to evaluate the status of previously implemented programs.

Since the month of July is observed as NUTRITION MONTH in several agencies, both government and private sectors in accordance to the implementation of programs of the Department of Health, the SMS students and faculty coordinated with the Barangay Elementary Schools’ officials and the Barangay Council Officials on the realization of the different activities in observance of the NUTRITION PROGRAM for the month.

The following table shows the different activities that were implemented in observance of the NUTRITION PROGRAM CELEBRATION:

Schedule Activities
JULY 15, 2010 Coordination with all Elementary Schools’ Officials in the Barangay for scheduled activities
JULY 16, 2010 Operation Timbang for all Elementary School pupils (Grade I – VI) in Centro , Barangay Bonifacio
JULY 22, 2010 Operation Timbang for all Grade I-VI pupils in Sitio Tutong, Bgry. Bonifacio, Quezon
JULY 23, 2010 Operation Timbang for all Grade I-IV pupils in Sitio Tawi-tawi, Bgry. Bonifacio, Quezon
JULY 30, 2010 Culminating Program of the NUTRITION MONTH Celebration in Barangay Bonifacio, Quezon with the collaborative participation of Philippine Nurses’ Association – Nueva Vizcaya Chapter
AUGUST 05, 2010 Feeding program at Sitio Tutong, Brgy. Bonifacio, Quezon and giving Supplemental Feeding Stuff for Malnourished children in the area
AUGUST 06, 2010 Feeding Program at Primary School in Sitio Tawi-tawi, Brgy. Bonifacio, Quezon


Participants of the Poster Making Contest

            As scheduled on JULY 30, 2010, the Culminating Program of the NUTRITION MONTH CELEBRATION was held at the Barangay Hall of the community. The one-day program packed with various activities was participated in by the community people especially by the elementary school pupils who actively took part in the whole day program.

Some of the highlights of the Program were the Poster Making and Slogan Making Contests which were open to elementary pupils of the Barangay in all levels, and the Literary-Musical Presentations of the children from the Preparatory level to the Elementary level. The winners in the different contest categories were filled with joy as they garner the upshots of their efforts. The radiant smiles and laughter of the winners made the organizers more inspired and challenged to continue to carry out the committed tasks as a part of the responsibilities stipulated in the work plan of the department.  

  What had inspired the group most is the verse from the Bible as quoted … “For I can do all things with CHRIST who strengthens me”.