AC, ICA-J, Japan Platform Typhoon Relief Project IV

Malolos Relief Operation

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On August 26, 2012, the Institute of Cultural Affairs –Japan (ICA) team headed by Director Shizuyo Sato with Program Coordinator Gaco Moriguchi and Local Coordinator Erina Saita and Aldersgate College representatives President Junifen F. Gauuan, Ph.D. with Dr. Jolly Gauuan, Ms. Carmencita G. Mendoza and Mr. Elly Nacino went to the City Mayor’s office to inform them of the Relief Distribution Project. The mayor, Hon. Atty Christian D. Natividad gave them a list of barangays which were heavily damaged by the typhoon. Based on this, a schedule of activities was formulated. At the same time, logistics, such as manpower and vehicles, was pledged by the LGU.

In the following days, ocular inspection with house visit and interview of typhoon victims was done by the ICA and AC teams with Gertudes N. De Castro, City Administrative Officer and volunteers from the City Government.  Some barangays such as Caingin, Bulihan, Longos and Anilao were still flooded. Later in the evening, meetings were held to deliberate on which barangays would be given relief packs. Although all 51 villages in Malolos were flooded because of the monsoon rains, 20 barangays were visited and 12 were chosen to be beneficiaries of the Relief Distribution Project. Simultaneously done with this was the canvass and procurement of relief goods by Mr. Mark Ordonez of AC. All the items purchased were delivered to the Malolos Convention Sports Complex which was the most accessible and safest storage location. Mr. Elly Nasino supervised the receiving, packing and delivery of goods to site of relief operation. He was assisted by the City Engineering Office and some volunteers.

A Japan Platform representative was present during the first day (August 29, 2012) of relief distribution in two islands, Pamarawan and Caliligawan. The 1,250 relief packs were transported in six (6) boats to the islands but because of the low tide, the relief distribution lasted for almost a day in Pamarawan.  Barangay Captains Ignacio Cruz of Pamarawan and Edgardo Cabigao of Kaliligawan were thankful that folks from the village were chosen as beneficiaries.

On August 20, 2012 and from September 2 to 5, 2012, nine (9) more barangays received relief goods. These were barangays Caingin (735), Anilao (283), Bulihan (50), Langos (50), Look 2nd (200), Santiago (35), Atlag (66), Namayan (340), and Calero (400). Meanwhile 877 school children from Barangay Bankal received school supplies as well.

Each pack of relief goods contained five kilos of rice, one gallon of potable drinking water, 3 kilos white beans, 3 kilos mongo beans, 5 packs of instant noodles, 1 kilo sugar, 1 liter cooking oil, 4 pieces canned sarines, 1 pack powdered milk and  1 pack coffee. On the other hand, the school supplies contained each of the following items: bag, notebook, ballpen, pencil, sharpener and a box of crayons.


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