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Centralized Baptismal Certification Record

by Shela Gay Lajer

We are now living in the world of modernization wherein every aspect of our lives is now technologically advanced. Our generation is now dubbed as the “Information Era” wherein every piece of information is essential in the sense that a single mistake would cause a lot of trouble.
As one of the developing and progressing country, Philippines now is trying to innovate in terms of technology for us not to be left by the trends in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). From manual procedures, we try to automate our transactions. One good instance is the Civil Registry System of the National Statistics Office which involves the computerization of the civil registry operations of NSO. NSO-CRS is a centralized information system designed to collect, store and manage civil registry documents (CRDs) and the specimen signature of all city and municipal registrars including all CRS authorized signatories, using the imaging technology.
As we can perceive, every establishments are also leveling up their awareness in technologies. The supermarkets, malls, grocery stores, offices, gasoline stations, restaurants, hotels, lodges, banks, offices and even the smallest business enterprise uses computerized programs to fasten their transactions specially in transactions which involves documents, files, records and money.
The inspiration behind the conceptualization of this study is the perceived transaction in the Serbilis Center at the National Statistics Office in the province. The idea is that if they can have that kind of transaction why not apply to the churches for them to experience this new trend of  technology considering that churches are not exempted from progress. One more inspiration is that the curiosity that bugs the mind of the researcher on how the NSO employee can download the certificate without using the internet.

It is for this reasons that the researcher have sought of conducting a study for the benefits of the church and its members entitled “CENTRALIZED BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATION RECORD MANAGEMENT AND INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR CATHOLIC CHURCHES IN THE DIOCESE OF BAYOMBONG”. Although churches have separate legislation from the government, they still are entitled to sustain progress not only spiritually but technologically as well. The researcher has chosen to propose the study to the Catholic parishioners of the Diocese of Bayombong, because according to researches that the researcher has made, aside from the fact that the researcher is located in the research locale, the diocese consists of numbers of churches which has numerous devotees.

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