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A Study of the Design and Construction of a Siphon Structure for the Colocol Irrigation System

Researcher: Jinky P. Rabago

Graduate Degree: MEP-CE


A siphon is one of the canal structures used for irrigating farmlands. It is an irrigation facility used for conveying irrigation water that passes waterways such as creeks, ditches, rivers or in any form of the bodies of water.

Siphon is also used when passing a depression or congested area such as residential neighborhood. It is usually in the form of standard reinforced pipes and box typed conduits. Siphons are designed by hydraulic analysis and structural analysis.

This study is a step by step narration of how siphon is made based on the experience and observation of the author.

The author split the discussion into two parts, the Design Phase and the Construction Phase.

The Design Phase presented the gathered specifications needed in designing, the procedure of hydraulic analysis and the procedure on how to compute its structural analysis.

The Construction Phase presented the techniques of constructing the siphon as observed by the author.

It also included the difficulties and problems encountered by the contractors during the construction phase and suggested solutions and remedial measures formulated to overcome such problems.

Pictures were also taken during construction for better understanding of the techniques and methods of constructing the siphon. Actual photographs were also used for reports and for necessary adjustments to conform with its technical design to its actual construction.

The author hoped that this study will be a great source of information for the people acquiring more knowledge about the subject.