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An Assessment of the Implementation of the English Speaking Program of Aldersgate College:

Researcher:      Marissa J. Taguinod

Background of the Study

Globalization has brought innumerable changes in political socio-economic and linguistic aspects of human existence. English has undeniably reached a stature so great that it can now be called without doubt as the world language – the dominant language in this globalized village. A good command of the English language therefore will help keep one updated and abreast of the times, thereby enabling him to join the stream of world culture and also making him a citizen of the world because English is an international language.

However, studies and tests show an operation which reveal that there is a continuous deterioration in the English language proficiency of Filipino second language speakers in the academic world. In this purview, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued Executive Order No. 210 establishing the policy to strengthen the use of the English language as a medium of instruction in the educational system. Among the provisions of this EO are: to develop the aptitude, competence and proficiency of our students in the English language to maintain and improve their competence edge particularly in the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT); to improve the entire educational system, particularly in the training of educators and the provision of borrowed materials and resources.

There are several factors that affect the performance of students in the use of English in their classes. One big factor as the researcher believes is the proficiency of the teaching personnel like instructors, professors, teachers themselves who are expected to be competent in the use of the English language. Another factor may be non-teaching personnel themselves who are indifferent in the use of English in communicating with the teachers and students. Still another factor is the use of strategies, methods, approaches and classroom activities.  It is for these reasons that they like to be updated and to keep abreast of newer trends and methodologies.

Considering the vital role that the institution plays in the development of students especially on the acquisition of knowledge and levels in the English language as tools in communication, the school launched a long term program thrusts sometime in 2002 with teacher- performance targets geared to academic excellence, and positive work attitudes. One of the eight thrusts which is projected to be attained by the year 2004 onwards is 100% English Speaking faculty members, office personnel, administrators and students from which the researcher was encouraged to conduct a study on the assessment of the Implementation of the English Speaking Program of Aldersgate College. The researcher believes that the results would pave the way for improvement of English instruction in the different factors affecting students’ performance in English, and the improvement of communication between teaching, non-teaching personnel and the students.

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