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Parong gives DOH updates to SMS studes

Dr. Antonio T. Parong, Jr., Extension head of the Department of  Health in the province of Nueva Vizcaya was the speaker during a seminar held at the Audio Visual room on October 24, 2010.  In his talk he said that “These updates will lead you on improving the delivery of health care services and support to the indigents and the community,”

The seminar enthemed DOH Updates: Inter-local Health Zone and Local Government Unit Score Card, was attended by students who are taking up BS in Nursing, Midwifery and Health Care Services National Certificate II, all courses offered by the School of Medical Sciences.

Parong emphasized the essence of speed, precision, and effective coordination towards improving the efficiency, effectiveness & equity of health care delivery. He also stressed the landmark of achievement through the “3 E’s” –  Engagement, Empowerment and Excellence.   He likewise gave the students a background on inter-local health zone which is of great importance to the participants because of its relevance in the community of public health nursing.

Hazel Balongo, BSN-4 (Sat-Sun block) shared that “the topic is very much updated, hence it is important for us to know and upgrade our services vis-à-vis innovations of the current health care delivery system.”  She also added that “we should internalize the essence of the concept and use it for the good of the community but not to our own credits.”  Ma. Theresa Obra, BSN-4 also said “the seminar is so significant. I’ve learned a lot and gained  new insights about the health care delivery system.”

Mrs. Leticia Serrano, BSN-4 adviser and Hilarie Danielle Parungao, BSN-4 B president awarded the certificate of appreciation and token to Dr. Parong.

The seminar was facilitated by senior BSN block B students.#