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BSN students face grand case presentation

Dressed up in their RLE (Related Learning Experience) uniform, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing students underwent the much awaited grand case presentation at the Audio Visual Room last October 24.

The event aimed to evaluate how far the sophomores, juniors and senior students including the Saturday-Sunday blocks, have developed their knowledge in nursing foundations, process, concepts and skills in nursing assessment and interventions.

Bernadette Blanche, director of training, placement and review led the panel composed of Virginia Pastrana, coordinator of the Nursing Arts Laboratory, Jeramy Lloyd Lelina and Jake Fabian, Paragon Review Center reviewers, Leticia Serrano, Maureen Quindoza and Jan Michael Jeru Valdez, clinical instructors and class advisers respectively.

The cases presented were “Intussusception” by BSN-SSB4, RAEF (Roger Anderson External Fixation) and ORIF (Open Reduction Internal Fixation) by the BSN-4B, “Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia” by the BSN-SSB3, “Cellulitis” by the BSN-4A and “Cholelithiasis” by the BSN-3.

Several weeks prior to the event, the students obtained the cases during their duties rendered at the Medical, Surgical and Pediatric wards of the Veterans Regional Hospital in Bayombong and Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Hospital in Bambang, two government owned hospitals in the province of Nueva Vizcaya.

Karen Hope Salvador, BSN-4A said, “it’s good to know more about surgical procedures such as ORIF and RAEF.  I would confidently relate with this type of procedure when the time comes that we will experience these type of cases”.  “It’s my first time to hear about Glanzmann’s thrombasthenia.   Lovely Joy Estrada, BSN-4-B also mentioned that “the case taught me a lot about the disease itself and the disease process,”

Highlight of the activity was a defense on the respective cases of each group.

In her closing remarks, Blanche congratulated the presenters for a job well done.  She likewise, lauded the organizers for the success of the event. #