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NV Rep supports Career Orientation Program

To provide students with an insight into the their career paths, industries  and opportunities , the Office of the Congressman, headed by former PRC Commissioner  Ruth R. Padilla  conducted a Career Orientation Program for third year students  with their parents at the school’s Audio-Visual Room on October 19, 2012.

                The COP was launched early last year and gained positive results and feedbacks among schools that benefited the program hence its conduct was anticipated in all high schools like Aldersgate College.

Padilla as the project coordinator of the COP, gave an overview and the objectives of the program at the opening. She said, this program was established by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for fourth year students but since entrance examinations for college have been facilitated in the month of September, October and November, she initiated to conduct it for the third year students in preparation for the courses they would take in stepping to college and what courses need entrance examination.

She also added that this orientation program was established through the cooperation of the DepEd, TESDA, PRC, DOLE, CHED, DOST and the Association of Guardian Facilitator of Nueva Vizcaya.

To further the information to students, the committee presented video clips containing the DOLE Project JobsFit 2020 that proposed the courses and jobs that are needed for the present and what will boom in the future.  It also gave the students a background of the different courses to take and what jobs will lead to these courses.

After the video presentation, Ms. Eva Doniego of the TESDA lectured the ladderized education – which some colleges in the province are already implementing like Aldersgate College. Technical and Vocational courses which could be an alternative to those who will not qualify to degree courses or are not financially capable.

She also explained the significance of the k to 12 policy, stressing that a student who graduated in a five-year high school can already work applying what he has learned. He will receive a certificate coming from the TESDA that will license him to find a job.

Other speakers who are members of the core team enlightened the students and parents about the courses they finished and the benefits they are getting form their jobs.

The parents were given chances to ask questions, verify what they have heard and ask for agencies that could offer scholarships for their children which were positively answered by Doniego of the TESDA.

Dr. Prescilla Soriano, the Senior Executive Assistant for Education (SEXAE) gave her message to the students, parents and thank the core group for sponsoring this activity at the beginning of the program and Dr.Divina Gracia Apolonio, the principal expressed her thanks too to the group in conclusion.

“I gained much from the program, it gave me an idea of what course to take”, said, Elgin Amaranto, a third year student in his grateful remarks.”