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Class prophecy 2010

It was 7:30 in the morning. I woke up late again! As usual. As I get out of my bed, I knelt down and had my Personal Devotion  first. I asked His guidance for today’s activity.

After praying. I felt hungry. I went into my kitchen and look for food. Alas! There’s nothing left. Good thing to have my own cookbook authored by three of the best chefs in the world namely; Chef  Junniemar  Lorenzo Agrimor- the master chef of a 5-star hotel restaurant; Chef  Katrine Princess Joy Camungao- the executive Chef of the Korean President, and Chef  Rachelle Ann B. Dimayacyac- the executive chef of the White House.

After having my breakfast, I sat on my couch and read the news for today. I opened the Obituary page first. I have not found my name there , so I thanked God for giving me another life. I went on with business page and saw the contract signing of  the two most adored company in the world which are as follows: The Dominguez group of Companies led by Mr. Randy S. Dominguez with his secretary, Ms. Nerissa  L. Hisalago and The PLDT Telecommunications CEO   Ms. Katrina Penpillo with her companion, Mr.  John Virgil Alberto.

I was bored inside my house. I was alone with nothing to talk with. I wanted to sleep but if I do, I could accomplish and gain NOTHING. Somebody tells me that I must move my feet and travel to places I’ve never been before. Right! That’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I prepped myself up, packed things in my back pack, grabbed my camera and went  inside my yellow volkswagen.

I am continuously driving, not knowing where to go. All of a sudden, I heard ‘praises’. I mean Praise songs and I guess it comes from a Big Church. After driving a block, I have found a very nice church designed by Architect Jcel B. Luna and her Engineer, Mr. Jarom Elevazo Fronda. They were also one of the commited instrumentalists of the Praise and Worship  team.  I went inside and saw an alive praise and worship team led by their well-loved Deaconness, Ms. Marjoree Hope Razon. A mass number of people gather together singing and dancing together. It was indeed a very nice start of my day. I WAS BLESSED!

I went back to my car, thanked God for the experience and I just drove, finding another good place to spend my time.

A restaurant caught my attention because of its weird but unique name-the Dudsz. Puzzled, I went inside the cafeteria. The Owners- Chef Lara Mae Aguilar, Chef Charlene Mae Julian, Chef Maria Odessa Lacbayan and Chef Lezly Zia Offrecio welcomed me with a wide smile as I walked through.

As I wait for the delivery of the food to my table, I heard two Attorneys talking about things. Curious, I walked through only to find my Friend, Atty.  Neil Carlo Rivera and his cohort, Atty. Hazel Pulido.

After finishing the delicacy, I bid the Dudsz goodbye and went on with my “Journey”. 😉

It seems strange but true that my feet are the ones leading me where to go. I wouldn’t be alarmed because I know these are all part of God’s revelation for me today.

By this time, I found myself at an airport. As I went up the plane handing my camera, I am clueless of where my feet would bring me. As I walk through the doorway, a good-looking stewardess escorted me to my seat. She introduced herself as Ms. Nova Lee Rodriguez.

Until now, I sat clue less as I wonder where will be this place going. Fortunately, beside me was a Filipino traveler that aims to travel around  named Mr. Angelo Leal, so I asked him the plane’s destination. But he doesn’t know it either! Mr. Angelo offered me a magazine for me to be entertained. He gave me an international magazine of the famous Filipino photographer named Ms. Edrilyn  M. Ramel. The fashion Designs amazes me; maybe because of the three prominent Fashion Designers of this magazine. They are Ms. Rose Ann Guarin, Ms. Gereline Gabriel and Ms. Marjelyn Marquez. Marvelous!

Meanwhile, the stewardess turned the TV on. I saw His Excellency Jessie M. Valdez, the President of the Phillipines and his Vice President, Mr. Cruado Castillo as they award James Carl Cabacungan, a famed tennis player  to be an Ambassador and CEO OF International Tennis Federation managing all international tournaments.

The plane landed, and it was time to go. I walked out of the airplane, and It was freezing! Good thing I brought an extra thick jacket.

I felt a need for money, so I went to the nearest bank to withdraw from my bank account.

At the Bank, a recognizable face greeted me. She was a nice woman. Her name is Ms. Jenelyn R. Toluan. On her side was also a bank accountant named Shelly Hazel F. Viernes. The other Filipino accountants were Mr. Jade Carbonell, Mr. Christian Andaya and their manager, Ms. Rivalyn Magday. I’m surprised of the fact that there are Pinoys who work in this place. Once again, I was amazed!

Afterwhich, I decided to roam around the place. All of a sudden, I felt Hungry. A restaurant with mouth-watering foods displayed outside caught my attention. “SUNDAY’S BEST CUISINES” As I walk in,the owner, Mr. Domingo Cabacungan tapped my shoulder. My eyes widened as I surprisingly said,

“Oh? Pilipino na naman??”

“Hindi lang ako. Marami kami dito. Halika, papakilala kita sa kanila..”

Domz introduced me to his head chef, Chef Virgil Gary Anquilliano and his 3 assistant chefs- Chef Xyril Crez T. Sententa, Chef Jolas Morales and Chef Laurence Ojastro.

I have finished my food and was about to leave when somebody called my nick-name when I was in High School…


It was a couple eating their meal on a dinner table . If I’m not mistaken they are now Engr. And Dr. Wilton P. Fronda. Dr. Prynces, (now a pediatrician) and I embraced each other.

“Kamusta na?” I asked as I reach out my hand for both of them.

“Eto,kumakayod para a ipapatayo naming ospital sa Pilipinas.”

“Ganun ba? Osital niyo?”

“ospital para sa mga kababayan nating mahihirap..” Wilton Interrupted.

According to the couple, their hospital in the Philippines is almost finished. Engr. Wilton was its Engineer and the most sought-after architect, Arch. Harold Dawang.

Ces and Not wanted me to visit the hospital where they work, and I agreed.

Medical Technologists from all around the world including Filipinos work in one Laboratory. Headed by their Head Med Tech, the four other Med Techs were: Sharen Joyce Reyes, Angelie A. Aserit, Danilo Napoleon T. Quidilla and Arvin Lance Bermudez.

Two successful Doctors also work on that Big Hospital namely Dr. Raquel Andres- the personal Doctor of the USA president and Dr. Wilson Carl Ambatali- one of the chief Doctors of that hospital.

Filipino nurses and midwives also work there like Nurse Jocelyn Banta, Ms. Kimberly Aira de la Cruz, Mr. or Ms. Bryan de la Cruz, Ms. Krizelle Gundran and Ms. Sweet Caroline B. Balinbin.

Coincidentally, Nora Leigh Galarse, my best friend in High School came in the hospital for check up. She was now an Austronaut, and in two months she’d be flying outerspace to visit the Asteroid 13737(pluto).She was so blessed to be sponsored by the Largest research institute in the world- The CERN. She invited me to visit it, I agreed.

She brought me on the power plant researched on by Engr. Carlo Caballes and his team that includes Arman Peralta, a chemist; Bernadette Aragon- a chemical engineer and Alona Joy B.  Binwag- an agriculturist. This power plant aims to be free for all and will have no side effects in the environment. Wah! Amazing!

I then met the top research biologist of CERN named Edgar Cristobal. He works as one of the supervisors of this institute. He volunteered to tour me in its different departments. First in the electronic department where top electrical engineers work hand in hand for the improvement of their projects.

Next is the technology department headed by their computer analyst, Ms. June Marel Pascual. The team is composed of the most sought-after information technologists like Michelle Anne Acedo, Malcom Jordan T. Bilwan, Ma. Lovelle Sardan, Jasmin Rose M. Ilagan, Krizzle Mae R. Bonifacio and Mr. Alvin B. Cabacungan who happened to be the inventor of the strongest virus in the world.

I’d like to stay longer in the CERN but the time tells me to go home. I really enjoyed my stay. I really won’t forget it.

For my way home, I decided to ride a cruise ship.

After buying my ticket, I walked into the ship. Inside the ship, there were lots of successful Filipino seamen like Erven Paul Alvarez, Ralph Roldan Valdez, Richard B. Laugo, Zainodin Hadji, John Neil Antonino, Anthony G. Tabora, Kerubin Jay B. Cabungcal, Erwin Fabro and Michael Vincent Belmis.

Oh! It was indeed a great day, and I felt hungry once again. I went straight to the ship’s cuisine and ordered something to eat. The chef asked my order. Wait. I recognize him. He was Chef Fidel Estabillo. And he was the head chef here. The other chefs were Chef Gioveliza Lomboy, Chef Rose Valen Quidit and Chef Mark allen Santos.

As I wait for my order, a seaman requested a seat. Since I was alone in that table, I offered him space. In his nameplate was written “Merchant Marine Captain Jezrael E. Domingo”, the captain of this ship. We seem to recognize each other and found ourselves laughing together. He asked how I’m doing, I said I’m fine and vice versa. He offered me a tour on his work place and I was then excited to see it.

In his workplace, there were electrical or marine engineers who assist him in his work. They were Engr. Melrie Joy E. Vicente, Engr. Maverick Ember Bisquera, Engr. Cristel Carl Pornasdoro and Mr. Franz Lau E. Peria.

Jez and I chatted for hours until….. The ship landed on its destination. We bade each other goodbye and went on our own separate ways.

Aldersgate Christian University-the first university in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya was I guess my last stop. ACU now ranks 12th out of 20 top accredited universities in the world.

Unexpectedly, I have found three of my batchmates there. The Chief Guidance Counselor was Rev. Dr. Princess Jamela W. Bolusan. Helen Grace Balangatan was a kindergaten department head and also works as a kindergarten teacher. Dr. Mery Anthonette B. Estabillo was a principal of the Aldersgate Science High School.

Me? I’m a journalist at present and works as a column writer of the New York Times Magazine.

I quickly opened my eyes and realized that I was only dreaming as my classmates laugh because I was taking a nap in my Physics class under Ma’am Furigay. Oh man! I was only dreaming way back then!

But for me, it’s not only a dream; It is a dream that needs fulfillment. If only we would persevere, study hard, and pray. Nothing would be impossible to be reached.

Psalm 37:5. “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desire”.

This prophecy serves as a challenge among the seniors. May we all achieve these realms. Thank you and God bless us all.(^^,)