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Aldersgate College Performance Evaluation System

Image courtesy of http://www.saha.org

Marlou Felix S. Cunanan III, MBA, MIT

The performance evaluation system operates on the principle that work effectiveness can be assessed through observation of  occurrences in desired human behaviors. It also subscribes to the belief that there is always room for continuous improvement in work performance provided desired human behaviors are learned, assimilated and practiced.  The Performance Evaluation System (http://academics-software.com/software/performance-evaluation-system) is  therefore a  tool for measuring, monitoring and controlling work performance from different perspectives, i.e., students, subordinates, superiors, and peers.

The Performance Evaluation System provides a list of desired human behaviors that have been proven capable of generating  positive  teaching outcomes. It  provides benchmarks for identifying and measuring weaknesses  in  job performance so that proper remedies can be instituted. This includes self-correcting mechanisms at the personal and institutional levels.

The performance reports and ratings  generated by the various  evaluation perspectives will be analyzed and consolidated to be used for  making decisions on the following:

  1. Employee improvement programs
  2. Granting of pay increments
  3. Determining order of layoffs
  4. Rating employee’s suitability for promotion
  5. Examining the employee’s suitability for the job
  6. Justifying administrative decision to transfer, demote, or dismiss an employee