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Paragon Review Center


PARAGON REVIEW CENTER (PRC) shall be a global network of educational centers addressing the need for continuing human development by providing excellent professional training, review and testing services using cutting-edge and cost-efficient strategies.


  1. Paragon Review Center (PRC) believes in the primacy of developing critical thinking, advancing professionalism, and promoting civic responsibility as pre-requisites for developing a fair, just and democratic society.
  2. The Development of an ethical work culture, multi-disciplinary expertise, multi-cultural skills, effective accounting and management information system, strong linkages and synergy with program-project partners & stakeholders, leadership competence and transparency at the various organizational level, will contribute to the organizational effectiveness of Paragon Review Center (PRC).


  1. Develop innovative training, review and testing programs using up-to-date contents & modules, multi-media equipment, and computer facilities.
  2. Conduct training, review and testing within the Philippines & abroad using LAN-based and online Computer-Aided Audit, Review & Training System.
  3. Package & implement training, review & test financing, job referrals & placements.
  4. Establish Joint Venture training, review and testing programs with schools, service agencies, and professional organizations.

Review Programs

Review programs shall be undertaken in the following professional areas:

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Licensure Examination for Teachers
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Criminology
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology

Review Courses

  1. Course Audit. These are offered on 1st semester (Course Audit I) and 2nd semester (Course Audit II) of the Fourth or Fifth Year  of the college degree program. Course Audit I and Course Audit II are offered as institutional requirements with academic credits of 6 units each. The 6-unit academic credit per semester requires a minimum review session of 110  hours (40 lecture hours, 40 rationalization hours  and 30 CAARTS testing hours).
  2. Intensive Review. This is offered to graduates of college degree programs. It covers a total of 380 hours (160 lecture hours, 160 rationalization hours and 60 CAARTS testing hours) that can be conducted either within a period of 2 months.  This review period covers both comprehensive lectures and manual or computer-aided testing and review.

Nurse Licensure Examination Review Activities

  • Diagnostic Examinations
  • Cumulative Bullet Review Series
  • Skills Enhancement
  • Extended Home-Based Review
  • Test-Taking Skills & Strategies
  • Core Concepts Review Series
  • Motivational Seminar
  • Reinforcement Examinations
  • Final Coaching
  • Mock Board

Review Fees

Review Course Academic Credit No. of Hours Review Fees        (in Pesos)
Lecture Rationali-zation CAARTS Testing
4th/5th Year Students Course Audit I 6 units 40 hrs. 40 hrs. 30 hrs. P 6,000 plus CAARTS P750
4th/5th Year Students Course Audit II 6 units 40 hrs. 40 hrs. 30 hrs. P 6,000 plus CAARTS P750
Graduates Intensive Review 160 hrs. 160 hrs. 60 hrs. P 13,000 plus CAARTS P1,500


  • Reviewers Kit
  • Tutorials
  • Counseling


December, 2010 NLE  Board Examinations

Enrollment July 5, 2010 September 4, 2010
Review September 6, 2010 December 3, 2010

June, 2010 Board Examinations

Enrollment January 4, 2010 March 31, 2010
Review April 5, 2010 June 25, 2010

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