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AC, ICA-J, Japan Platform Typhoon Relief Project II

Aldersgate College in collaboration with the Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan (ICAJ) implemented the second leg of the Typhoon Ondoy Relief Project funded by Japan Platform in Pasig City on December 14-19, 2009, as an  offshoot of the assessed needs of typhoon victims who were rendered relief goods earlier in the same city by the same sponsoring entities.

Japan Platform appropriated over SIX MILLION PESOS (PhP 6M) for the second phase which benefited over six-thousand (6,000) evacuee-families from Barangays Pinagbuhatan, Bambang, Sta. Lucia, Kalawaan, Rosario and Nagbunga who received relief goods like groceries, water, canned goods, towels, blankets, underwear and processed foods. Five-hundred children moreover received school supplies like pens, bags, papers, notebooks, plates, cups, spoons and forks.

Two (2) inflatable motor boats with complete accessories were donated to the affected barangays during a ceremony held at the Rainforest Park, Barangay Rosario.

Participated by the evacuees, barangay leaders and officials, a seminar-workshop on “Disaster Risk Management and Strategic Planning” was carried out by Aldersgate College and its support staff.

The project was conducted by Japan Platform Representative Kohei Hori; Shizuyo Sato, ICAJ Director; Yuka Itakura, International Project Manager-ICAJ; and the Aldersgate College  team composed of Dr. Junifen F. Gauuan, College President; Marlene C. Cadang, CREATE Director; and Carmencita G. Mendoza, ACCC Superintendent.

Volunteer leaders led by Francisca Delleva, Pasig City Social Work and Development Officer as well as all the Barangay Chairmen and Officials of the concerned barangays, provided unswerving support to the relief team.#

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