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Aldersgate School of Arts & Music

Aldersgate School of Arts and Music is being established to serve the children and youth’s overwhelming interest in music and drama. In this respect, trainings in voice, piano, organ, guitar and brass band instruments are offered.


  1. To develop the creative musical potential of children, youth and adults.
  2. To enhance the standard of music education in provincial schools, churches and institutions.
  3. To raise the level of musical excellence and technology among practicing professionals
  4. To support the extra curricular activities of students inline with Arts and Music.

The ASAM is expected to accomplish the following projects:

  1. Review Music Curricula from Pre-School to College.
  2. Implement instrumental and vocal training.
  3. Notate, classify and display musical scores composed by Aldersgate College employees and students.
  4. Musical concerts and stage play presentations inside and outside the school campus.
  5. Train the Elementary, High School and College choirs and Soloists to participate in the National Music Competition for Young Artists.
  6. Organize the Faculty Choir to sing in any occasion called for.
  7. Improve the performance of the Parade Band.
  8. Organize the AC Band.

Services Offered

  • Training on Musical Instruments – One of the main focuses of this development center is to train beginners and amateur musicians to play the instruments. ASAM offers lessons on:
    • Voice
    • Piano
    • Acoustic
    • Guitar
    • Bass Guitar (new)
    • Drums (new)
    • Saxophone and Clarinet (new)
  • Art Workshop – ASAM also focuses on arts. During the summer, children ages 4 to 13, most of them are faculty kids, enjoy this course. ASAM now expands this course with the following categories:
    • Visual Arts (Drawing)
    • Graphic Design (Photoshop)
    • Animation (Flash)
  • Choir – Aldersgate College enrolls talented students and employs talented employees in the different departments. One objective of ASAM is to gather these talents to enhance their skills by joining the school choir. There are 3 choirs in the school:
    • Faculty Choir (SATB)
    • High School Choir (SATB)
    • Elementary Choir (SSA)

Students joining the choir are given discounts for their tuition fees. ASAM envisions having a TTBB choir open to students and faculty members of AC in tribute to the “Men of Harmony”, a group of AC students and faculty male voices formed two decades ago.

  • Band – Another objective of ASAM is to select and train pupils and students for the school bands. There are three bands in AC:
    • Elementary Marching Band
    • High School Marching Band
    • AC Praise and Worship Band

The ASAM is on the process of screening trumpet and trombone players in the High School.

There are also different student bands in AC, performing rock, pop and ballad genres of music. To develop these groups of talented students, ASAM annually holds “Battle of the Bands” competitions with cash prizes and certificates during the school’s foundation day.

  • Computerized Notation – As technology is fast evolving, ASAM was able to cope up with the digital world by the use of numerous notation software available in the market. One of these software caught our attention with its powerful tools such as converting a musical piece into a file which can play music on its own and consists of wide varieties of instruments. ASAM now offers computerized notation course for composers and arrangers.

for further inquiries please contact

Melany Rose C. Lagmay
OIC Director, Aldersgate School of Arts & Music

TeleFax (63)(078) 326-5085