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Engineering & Technology


Program Rationale:

Cognizant with the CHED’s advise of an extension program that will eventually lead to a self – reliant beneficiary/ies, the department partnered itself with the other colleges of the school to have a more comprehensive and effective program.

Nature of Service:

A. Technical Support

The department provides technical support to school’s colleges that are in need of its technical expertise particularly in civil, electrical and electronics field.

Status: On – Going

Program Accomplished:

ü Preparation of the design and material estimate of septic vault for Villa Adriatico, a community outreach program recipient of the School of Medical Sciences.

ü Electrical installation of the SINANAMA-AC School Building at Brgy. Baresbes, Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya, an oputreach program of the College of Arts Sciences and Education.

ü Preparation of Electrical Plan of SINANAMA-AC for Energization.

ü Preparation of the Bill of Electrical Materials and Electrical Plan for Aldersgate College Christian Child Center Satellite Offices located at Brgy Upper and LowerDarubb and ,Brgy Maasin Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya.

ü Electrical Installation of United Methodist Church of Darubba

B. Livelihood Training Program

The department also provides alternative livelihood training program particularly in Building Wiring Installation ( BWI ) and Concrete Hollow Block (CHB ) Making. This program aims to provide substitute sources of income to our program recipients.

Status: On-Going

Program Accomplished:

ü BWI training and CHB making for ACCCC beneficiaries.

ü BWI training for SINANAMA-AC parents.

C. Professional Enhancement Program

ü Auto-CAD Training

ü Land Surveys

D. Programs In-progress for SY 2010 – 2011

ü Domestic Appliance Servicing training for Solano BJMP inmates as part of its character building. Target Date of Implementation: November 2010.

ü Enhancement program for BWI trainees of ACCC beneficiaries. Target Date of Implementation: January – February 2011.