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Arts, Sciences & Education

Handog Tulong sa Pagbangon 2.0 – CASE

Theme: Handog Tulong sa Pagbangon 2.0

Where: Brgy. Tucal, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya

Who: 150 Elementary Students

When: December 10, 2021

We express our endless gratitude to our donors:

1. Nueva Vizcaya Youth Leaders Network, Inc.

2. GRPWN Organization

3. Hon. Harold Jay P. Ramos

4. Hon. Milady Dickson

5. CASE-Student Central Council

6. CASE Faculty

God Bless! ??

The Sinanama-AC Learning Center Claudia Esquivel Campus Baresbes, Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya (An Extension Program of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education)


In November , 1998, as the classes resumed for the second semester, a team composed of the students in Anthropology and Sociology and their advisers conducted a baseline survey of Baresbes, Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya. This baranggay which is approximately 8 km away from Aldersgate College is inhabited mostly by Ilocanos. Generally, the livelihood of the people is farming. The houses of the residents are situated near their farms, which are far from the center of the barangay where the school building would be put up.
Community extension started shortly after the baseline survey. The advisers with the students were able to identify potential leaders in the community. Community visitations were done regularly to follow up the progress of the immersion program. There were constant formal and informal dialogues with the community people and leaders.
The community immersion and the formal presentation of the thrusts and programs of the ACSAMS followed after the numerous dialogues with the people of the community.
Community officers who would work with the ACSAMS were elected and the name of the organization as SINANAMAC was formed from the names of the 2  puroks of Baresbes namely: Sinamar and Namnma (Sinanama) and Aldersgate College (AC) as implementers.
The construction of the learning center materialized in April and May, 1999. The building made of light materials like cogon and buho was put up in a lot donated by Mrs. Claudia Esquivel. It was put up through the “bayanihan” spirit of the people who personally uprooted the cogon grasses from the mountain ranges for the roof and “buho” for the  walls.
In preparation to the tasks, the adviser, Pastor Rebecca Divad,  conducted a kindergarten curriculum workshop with her Anthropology class, to teach alternately with the supervision of the coordinator. One of them was challenged as leader. The formal class sessions started on the second week of June and since has became a continuing venture of commitment and dedication for community service.
The CASE extension program with its primary aim of bringing the school to the community will address the following objectives:
1.    Establish early childhood development as a basic service for children ages 3-6 in the community.
2.    Improve the quality and efficiency of primary education.
3.    Eradicate illiteracy.
4.    Enhance the role of women in ensuring community and household food security.
If Education is not available to a group of people, the group has less chance of taking advantage of the benefits of that society. Success in educational activities is important, as children learn skills and capabilities for self confidence and self reliance in a democratic country.
Education is the foundation of all developments and the biggest hopes for the country. As Anderson claims that society requires 40% literacy rate to enable it to enter the “take off” stage, which means that literacy is a viable key in societal modernization.
The College of Arts, Sciences and Education believes that this outreach program in the the Sinanama-AC Learning Center Claudia Esquivel Campus at Baresbes Quezon shall be able to contribute in the upliftment of the literacy rate of the target community and be able to achieve the institutional goals of ACADEMIC EXELLENCE, SOCIAL RELEVANCE and SPIRITUAL NURTURE of Aldersgate College.
Although Baresbes is considered as one of the productive and progressive barangays of Quezon, most of the children aged 3-6 cannot avail of preschool education because the educational establishments are located  at the center of the community, and the  children are still physically incapable of walking the long distance to the daycare centers.  The Sinanama-AC Learning Center was put up in a location which is accessible to most of the barangay residents.
The Sinanama-AC Learning Center also provides opportunity for BEED and BSED students to enhance their acquired knowledge and put theory into practice as they merge themselves in the community particularly with the children.


1.    Birth certificate of pupils should be presented upon enrollment.
2.    Only children aged 3-6 are admitted in the learning center.
3.    Direct grandchildren of the land donor, Mrs. Claudia Esquivel, will be given  full free tuition fee.
4.    Ten (10)% discount is given to one of  two (2) children enrolled in the learning center
5.    A registration fee of Php.100.00 will be paid upon enrollment.
6.    Monthly tuition fees  of P75.00  shall be collected on the 15th or 30th of the month
7.    The electric bill of the learning center will be shouldered by the PTA.
1.    Pupils should be in school at 7:20 am for the flag raising ceremony.
2.    Wearing of uniforms is from Monday to Friday except Wednesday, which is designated  civilian day.
3.    IDs should be worn at all times inside the school campus.
4.    Parents are not allowed inside the classroom during class sessions
5.    Parents should attend regular meetings.
6.    Parents should cooperate in all activities like seminars and workshops.