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STO Orientation and Induction Conducted

“Strengthening the Philippine Educational System through Timely Interventions on the Quality of Teachers” is the theme of this year’s Student Teachers’ Organization induction and orientation program, held on July 7, 2010 at the High School Library.
In the opening program, the STO officers were inducted into office by Mrs. Cecilia B. Valdez, Dean of School of Business and Accountancy who was also the guest speaker. In her message she shared her ideas that a highly effective teacher should care, share, learn, create, believe, dream and enjoy to become a well trained educator imbued with good moral values and untarnished integrity.
Shortly after the opening program, the student teachers were oriented on different areas that are significant in their chosen career. Mrs. Rosalie R. Valdez, CASE Dean, talked about the Many Sided Tasks of a Teacher; Mrs. Flora G. Castro, School Registrar discussed the Policies and Standards on Teacher Education; Dr. Divina Gracia B. Apolonio, ACSHS Principal, talked about the Implication for School Management on the Concepts Underlying Educational Innovation; and Mr. Jennifer Raymond R. Tallungan, Dean of Student Affairs, enlightened the student teachers on the Teacher’s Personality.
The speakers were given certificates of appreciation while the participants were awarded certificates of attendance. In her closing remarks, Mrs. Luz C. Gasmin, AC Elementary School Principal and STO Adviser, challenged the student leaders to become quality teachers who could help strengthen the Philippine Educational System and asked them to get themselves engrossed in the essence of the different lectures afforded them.
Installed to their respective offices were Mikel D. Bainto, President;  Rheannel M. Esquejo, Vice President; Evelyn N. Lupog, Secretary/Treasurer; Rudy G. Castro, PIO; Jennifer E. Tubaran and Noralyn L. Jose, Business Managers; and Mrs. Luz C. Gasmin, Adviser.

SDC Spearheads English Week Celebration

SDC/English Club Officers Inducted

The Speech and Drama Club (SDC) of Aldersgate College spearheaded the celebration of the English Week on August 25-26, 2010 at the EZE Rooftop.

Premised on the theme: “Speech and Stage Arts: Bulwark for Filipinism and Universalism”, the affair commenced with the induction of SDC and English Club Officers by Mrs. Cecilia B. Valdez, CPA, MSBA, the Dean of the School of Business and Accountancy who was also the Keynote Speaker. In her speech she emphasized the importance of learning the English language not only for the individual’s local and domestic pursuits but for global affairs as well. She likewise cautioned the audience not to forget altogether their national language but use it together with the foreign language.

The first day activities featured competitions on impromptu and Extemporaneous Speech, Poem Recitation, Storytelling, Spelling Bee and Videoke Singing Contest, and the Group Stage Arts Contest. While the activities on the second day included the Elocution Contest, the Tourism Quiz Bee and the Super Quiz Bee.

The installed officers of the Speech and Drama Club are: Shiena Baddongon, President; Fernando Pili, Jr. Vice President; Rosiel Cacal, Secretary; Julius Trinidad, Treasurer; Juvilyn Andres, Auditor; April Joy Alcantara, PIO; Henrich Rebualos and Wennie Alagano, Business Managers; Jad Ian Aquino and Mary Ann Vidad, Marshalls; Louie Leodivico, CASE representative; Jezrael Domingo and Marylene Rapada, CET representatives; Charmaine Pimentel, SBA  representative; Virgil Anquiliano, SIHM representative, Samuel Colminar and EleenManalese , SMS representatives and Efren Capsula, SC Representative. Lady Ann Manuyag is elected as muse while Efren Capsula was the escort.

To work hand in hand are the SDC and the English Club officers culled from the elected officers of all English Classes: President, Liezel Flojo; Vice President, Christian Capili; Secretary, Allen Costales; Treasurer, Michelle Molina; Auditor, Vincent Valenzuela; PIO, Oliver Aliac; Bus. Managers, AnalynTalledo and Alyza Gonzalez; Marshalls, Christopher Cabanting and Baldwin Rosena; Departmental Representatives, Sheryl Salimbay, CASE; Pepito de Palma and Jayjay Bayudang, CET; Rowena Tabil, SC; Lee Jem Ramos, SBA; Sheryl Parocha, SIHM; Ana Suarnaba and Imee Fabro, SMS; Muse, Marivic Matias; and Escort, Richard Concepcion.

Winners of the different contest were:
Impromptu Speech
1st – Fernando Pili Jr. (CASE)
2nd – Efren Capsula (SC)
3rd – Hillarie Parungao (SMS)
4th – Liezel Flojo (SBA)
xtemporaneous Speech
1st – Hillarie Parungao (SMS)
2nd – Diana Danguilan (CASE)
3rd – Efren Capsula (SC)
4th – Allen Costales
Poem Recitation
1st – Roel Costales (SBA)
2nd – Meilyn Rapada (CET)
3rd – Nina Gambo(CASE
4th – Larjen Pacursa (SMS)
Story Telling
1st – Denise Danguilan
2nd – Fernando Pili, Jr. (CASE)
3rd – Aireen Palecpec (SBA)
4th – Theresa De Aro (SC)
1st – Larjen Pacursa (SMS)
2nd – Rheanel Esquejo (CASE)
Spelling Bee
1st – Lee Jem Ramos (SBA)
2nd – Angela Mendiguarin (SBA)
3rd – Mitch Sanico – (CASE)
Birit King
Jezrael Domingo (CET)
Birit Queen
Jearen Ramel (SMS)
Tourism Quiz Bee
1st – Bernabe Pedro Cunanan (SBA)
2nd – Rheanel Esquejo (CASE)
3rd – Junard Umaweng (CET)
4th – Mikel Bainto (CASE)
5th – Krizza Alcantara
National Super Quiz Bee
1st – Rheanel Esquejo (CASE)
2nd – Reynabel Castro (CASE)
3rd– Lee Jem Ramos (SBA)
4th – Jay Caramat (CET)
5th – Devi Dupitas (SBA)

The judges of the Stage Arts Competition were Mrs. Patricia Ortiz and Mr. Rommel Alejos while the rest of the contests were judged by the SDC advisers: Mrs. Rizalyn Esquivel, Mrs. Debora Sampaga, Mrs. Marissa Taguinod, Mr. Aurelio Polonio, Mr. Alexis Dumelod and Mr. Jonathan Palitayan, Jr. Mrs. Rosalie R. Valdez, the CASE Dean graced the occasion and handed the awards and prizes to the winners with the assistance of Mr. Nick Rojas, Student Affairs Committee Adviser and Mr. Jenifer Raymond Tallungan, Dean of Student Affairs. Mr. Benjamin C. Dulatre was the over-all Coordinator and Director of the SDC and English Club.

Graduate School Students Oriented

To enlighten the MPA, MBA, MAED, MAEM and MAE students with the existing policies, student services and development programs of the college, the Graduate School of Aldersgate College conducted an orientation program on July 17, 2010, 9:00am at the EZE Rooftop.
In her welcome address, Mrs. Prescilla A. Soriano, Senior Executive Assistant for Education (SEXAE) welcomed the students with appreciation behalf of the school administration. Quoting from a modern day author, she said that “the illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who can not read and write, but those who can not learn, re-learn and unlearn”  the misconceptions, biases, prejudices and habits that are caused by culture.
It was followed by the presentation of the Graduate School faculty members and administrative staff by Dr. Elizabeth R. Pascual, ACGS Dean. Mrs. Florida N. Natividad of the Office of the College Registrar discussed the policies on completion of grades and issuance of Transcript of Records. Moreover, Dr. Divina Gracia Apolonio, Faculty Member and ACSHS Principal discussed the revised grading system and the responsibility of the students in the evaluation of teacher’s competencies.
Dr. Romeo M. Bicad, GS Faculty and SIHM Dean introduced the brief history of the college, the mission and vision and the Institutional Goals and Objectives. Moreover, Mrs. Emerson Castañeto, GS Faculty and Discipline Committee, discussed the school rules, regulations, proper attire and decorum in the campus.
The student involvement in the Professional Paragon and Graduate Research Journal were discussed by Dr. Romeo Yarcia, GS Faculty, in which he welcomes the students to submit their articles. Mrs. Rizalyn L. Esquivel, Head of the Research and Development Center, as well encouraged the students to undertake research works on the different facets of study and development.
The other services of the school which include the new cafeteria were discussed by Miss Anne Bernadette Dela Cruz, HRM Coordinator and towards the end, Mrs. Debora B. Sampaga, GS Faculty and AC Global Outsourcing Center Head, discussed all together the different development programs. In the afternoon, the different departments held the election of officers and first business meetings.
The program was hosted by Mr. Aurelio F. Polonio, GS Faculty and AC PIO.

AC GSSO Induction and Acquaintance Program Held

The Aldersgate College Graduate School Students Organization held its induction of officers and acquaintance program on August 7, 2010; 1:00 P.M. at the EZE Rooftop. It was attended by the GS students, faculty and the school administration.
The program’s theme “Developing Effective Professional Leaders” has motivated the students as President Junifen F. Gauuan, PhD gave his inspirational message. He pointed out the importance of Information and Communication Technology in the graduate education system where the students could develop competencies to be able to download, upload information and to be able to communicate with the professors through the internet using the on-line facility of the school. He also stressed that these skills are advantages for graduate education to develop professional leaders who are globally and multi-culturally competitive.
In the opening program, the officers of the organization were installed into office by Board Member. Epifanio LD. Galima, Jr. who was also the guest speaker of the program. In his message, he stressed that the students are in the school to devote themselves in the academe so that they will be better prepared to meet the challenges of their work. Furthermore, he challenged the students to become effective professional leaders by being effective P.O.L.I.C.E. which stands for Planning or drawing the task to be performed; Organizing the people; Leading the people to do the task; Integrating everything that they do to become a whole; Coordinating the task; and Evaluating in order to know if the plan was successfully implemented or not..
The Graduate School Student Organization Officers are:  Virginia Aroco, President; Major Joseph dela Cruz, Vice President; Genevieve Santos, Board Secretary; Cynthia Yasay, Table Secretary; Jenny Castillo, Treasurer; Augusto Cipriano, Auditor; Jerson Solomon, PIO; Engr. Leonardo Cabauatan and Marvin Dangpalew, Business Managers; SPO2 Enrique Esquivel, PO2 Mervin Beadoy and Major Peter Cambri, Marshalls and Atty. Remelie Lim, Legal Adviser. The MBA/MPA Officers are Ann Bernadette dela Cruz, President; Augusto Cipriano, Vice President; Mary Jane Balaya, Board Secretary; Hadaza Grace Natividad, Table Secretary; Jenny Castillo, Treasurer; Jerson Solomon, Auditor; Rhailey Tenenan and Cristina Mendoza, PIOs; Engr. Leonardo Cabauatan and Jerico Nafuran, Business Managers. The MAED/MAEM/MAE elected officers were Virgina Aroco, President; Marcelo Calia, Vice President; Mylene C. Mercado, Board Secretary; Geralda Balanti, Table Secretary; Maricar Bautista, Treasurer; Genevieve Santos, Auditor; Marvin Dangpalew, PIO; Rubelyne Vicente and Marites Dugyon, Business Managers.
In her closing remarks, Mrs. Virgina Aroco, GSSO President expressed her gratitude to everyone for making the program successful.
Following the opening program was the acquaintance party which had given the students a chance to come together through dining, singing and dancing.

Critical Thinking Skills and Emotional Intelligence of the Faculty Members of Aldersgate College

Critical Thinking Skills and Emotional Intelligence of the Faculty Members of Aldersgate College

Year 2010

Researchers: Debora B. Sampaga & Rizalyn L. Esquivel

Status: Faculty Research

Teaching Modules in Communication Arts

Teaching Modules in Communication Arts