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Monthly Archives: December 2021

ACHS Department Community Extension Program 2021

The High School Department conducted a Christmas Program and Gift-Giving Activity at Brgy. Dadap and Brgy. Aggub last December 9-10, 2021, respectively.

Through the generosity of the High School teachers, students, and their families, we were able to bring smiles to the faces of our beneficiaries. The highlights of the program are the gift-giving activity and games played with corresponding prizes. The beneficiaries expressed their thanks to all the sponsors and donors through a song.

With the selfless cooperation and participation of all faculty and staff of the High School Department, the program was a big success. This is through the leadership of Dr. Marissa J. Taguinod, High School Principal; Mrs. Leticia D. Serrano, Community Extension Director; and Mrs. Prosperita Marites A. Matterig, Community Extension Coordinator of the High School Department.

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.”—Ben Carson

Gift-giving at Brgy. P.D. Galima, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya

December 11, 2021

Sorting of goods for the GSSO Outreach Program at Brgy. P.D. Galima

Giving of sorted gifts at Brgy. P.D. Galima Solano, Nueva Vizcaya

OUTREACH PROGRAM “Early Christmas Gift” – CBA


“Early Christmas Gift”

November 10, 2021

Bagahabag Elementary School

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. – Psalm 22:6

From College of Business and Accountancy

Handog Tulong sa Pagbangon 2.0 – CASE

Theme: Handog Tulong sa Pagbangon 2.0

Where: Brgy. Tucal, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya

Who: 150 Elementary Students

When: December 10, 2021

We express our endless gratitude to our donors:

1. Nueva Vizcaya Youth Leaders Network, Inc.

2. GRPWN Organization

3. Hon. Harold Jay P. Ramos

4. Hon. Milady Dickson

5. CASE-Student Central Council

6. CASE Faculty

God Bless! ??


(Message delivered on AC’s 56th foundation day, January, 2021)


One good result of the  COVID 19 pandemic is having brought out the potential of people to pursue activities that they have never done in their lives before. Furthermore, many have  strengthened their passion for doing things that they used to do before the Pandemic.  At home for example, my grandchildren’s  love for animals went beyond caring for just our Persian cats Halo and Tom;  our dogs Bailey the AmBul, Peachy and her puppies Rossi (named after Valentino Rossi, champion motorcycle rider) and MM (named after Marc Marquez, a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer),  and our rabbits Ebony and Ivory, to taking care of chickens and ducks.

Out of 12 hatched eggs from one of our hens, only 4 chicks remained. Unfortunately, field rats attacked these chicks and only one survived. This only survivor was a black chick, its  toe nails gone, and her feet were bleeding when we saw it,  as they were bitten by the rats, so we had to put the poor chick in a safer cage hoping it would survive, and survive it did! We named it Vivo, short for survivor, and  for those who know Spanish,  we know that vivo is the first person singular form of the infinitive “vivir” which means to live. Vivo therefore is translated  “I live”. We were thinking Vivo was a male, but as it grew bigger, it  turned out to be a female, a pullet. One striking thing about Vivo is her ability to feed herself from the crumbs around the house, escaping the big roosters and hens that would always chase her away. Sometimes I make comments that Vivo thinks she is a cat as she plays and eats with Tom and Halo or at times she would think of herself as a dog  because she would eat and play with MM and Rossi. At times she would think of herself as a human being because she would fly to the top of the table when she hears someone call us for meals. Vivo is not afraid of people. She would noisily follow any of us around whenever she wants to eat. In fact, I would also say that she thinks my daughter-in-law, Joan is her mom because she follows her most of the time. I  really admire Vivo’s survival skills. Now, she is growing into a beautiful hen and I hope she would be able to take care of her chicks well in due time.


IF a small chick like Vivo could survive in a dangerous chicken world, how much more could a human being like you and me – endowed with wisdom to discern right from wrong, see the difference between safety and danger, and make the right choices – survive this pandemic world?

All of us have stories to tell about how we have come this far after ten months of the Pandemic.

Each of us has a story to tell about how we coped with the anxiety and stress that the pandemic had caused.

We share the same feelings at the onset of the Pandemic – fear and anxiety about what would happen; so many “what if’s”- what if there would be shortage  of food?,  what if one of us in the family would be infected by the virus?, what if AC would stop its operation?

But thanks be to God! We have survived and we are still surviving! Thanks to the many options we can choose from to spend our time not only to fight boredom and anxiety, but also to be productive and remain calm and be at peace within ourselves.

One of the most important factors that I find necesssary to be  strengthened in order to be able to continue navigating the new normal is our RELATIONSHIPS.

The Pandemic continues to  dramatically affect  our lives, including our relationships with other people in our homes and our workplaces.

Despite finding ourselves in  worrying, frightening or even unbearable situations, it is very important to maintain good relationships.

How do we nurture  relationships in our homes and families?

  1. Give time – put more time aside to connect with your friends and family. Distance is not a hindrance because of the presence of many ways to connect with people we love, no matter where they are.
  2. Pay attention to the other people in your life and try not to be distracted by your phone or your work (especially now that many are already in work-from-home set ups),  or your  other interests.
  3. Listen – really listen to what others are saying and try to understand and to focus on their needs, especially the immediate ones.
  4. Let yourself be listened to – honestly share how you are feeling, and allow yourself to be heard and supported by others.
  5. Recognize unhealthy relationships and do something to improve them.  Remember that these are strange and difficult times, and it’s  important to protect our relationships.  
  6. Stay connected – Use your gadgets  to stay in touch. Don’t you agree that hearing a friendly, familiar voice, or reading a message from people we care about, help us feel more connected?  On the other hand, there may be people living away from us, who may be feeling lonely, isolated and afraid, who need to hear us, too. Staying connected helps improve our mental health.
  7. Sharing feelings, can help us feel calmer and closer to each other. Remember that everyone is affected by the coronavirus situation and may be feeling more anxious and perhaps irritable than usual.

In the workplace, we also need to maintain a healthy  employee- employer relationship. You may not have given it much thought, but what we are doing at Aldersgate College are all geared towards establishing a strong employee- employer relationship. This may be in simple things like a monthly cellphone load of 200 pesos, releasing our salaries on time, loans to purchase gadgets, or even occasions like today, to recognize the valuable contributions we made for Aldersgate College.  

We try our best to support, train and prepare our team to be flexible and to act accordingly and swiftly in different situations; to share information, encourage cooperation, to lend a helping hand. I hope those who plan to leave soon will remember Aldersgate College for these simple  but heartfelt gestures of the administration.

To survive the pandemic, let us not forget to take care of ourselves. Self- care involves both physical and mental well-being. Physical health entails proper food and nutrition and exercise.

For our mental health, let us make time for things we enjoy.

We do not know when this pandemic will end, but we are not hopeless. Covid-19 is not here to stay. But God’s protection remains. The pandemic should not hinder us from planning for the future – how we can continue to thrive and survive in the new normal.


Yes we will survive. If Vivo, the chicken could, we also can!

If there is one person who would know about survival like the back of her hand, that’s me. But Experience has taught me that no problem is permanent.

Widowed at the age of 38 with 4 young children, the youngest  of whom was 10 months old, it seemed the end of the tunnel was a far stretch ahead. The question of how to fend for them occured to me, but God’s promise to care for the orphans and widows was fulfilled in me. These 4 treasures are God’s way of strengthening me. No one can shatter the bond I have with my kids. I would do anything in the world for them. I would fight for them as much as they would fight for me. Together we have survived those difficult years and together we experienced and are still enjoying God’s protection and provision.

Being a grandmother for the first time at the age of 41, I held a 984 gram- 28 – week old pre-term baby boy in my arms. As I prayed for the survival of that baby, I looked forward to the time when he would be a grown-up young man, which my Arkhie is today.

I could go on and on telling you about how I survived problems and trials but as I said earlier, these are not permanent.

I do not say that I don’t have my share of trials anymore. I still do, like any normal human being. But one thing is sure, God has seen me through and I am certain He will still do. I believe, these too shall pass.

Thinking positively may be difficult at this time when all of us anxiously wish to remain negative of the virus, But it is now more than ever that positive thinking could be used as a powerful weapon for survival. Coupled with a strong faith in the Almighty Father, positive thinking will bring us to the light at the end of the tunnel.

This possitivity is best expressed in the poweful words of Amanda Gorman, National Youth Poet Laureate and the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history, in her poem titled “The Hill We Climb”, during  President-elect Joe Biden’s installation to office. (And I would like to quote excerpts from it)

“When day comes we ask ourselves,
where can we find light in this never-ending shade?
The loss we carry, a sea we must wade…

So while once we asked,
how could we possibly prevail over catastrophe?
Now we assert, How could catastrophe possibly prevail over us?…

And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us,
but what stands before us….

Let the globe, if nothing else, say this is true,
that even as we grieved, we grew,
that even as we hurt, we hoped,
that even as we tired, we tried,…

When day comes we step out of the shade,
aflame and unafraid,
the new dawn blooms as we free it.
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Yes, this Pandemic, too will pass, and let us look forward to that time when we see the light at the end of the long tunnel, and  together we declare, “We survived! “

High School Virtual Graduation, 2020

To the members of  the Aldersgate College Corporation and Board  of Trustees headed by the Chairman Dr. Willie A. Damasco;  Members of the Administration, Faculty  and Staff; Members of the Graduating classes; Parents and Guardians, a blessed day to all.

What we are about to do today is the very first of its kind for me, for you and for Aldersgate College: a virtual graduation ceremony.  Looking back to the last graduation rites at the Highlander Hotel last June, 2019, who would think back then, that we would be doing something different today? No stage preparation, no graduation march, no handshaking and hugging after diplomas are awarded … so different, so not normal, but at this point in time, we are forced to accept things as the “new normal”.

Be that as it may, life has to go on, and we have to make the most of what we have. One of the things we have to be grateful for is the presence of many platforms brought about by technology, by which we can connect and still be able to continue doing familiar things differently. I know that many of you dear students, for the past three monhs, have grown accustomed to communicating with your friends and other people through facebook, twitter, and other social media connections. We have become dependent on online sellers for food and other items. Many of our friends and relatives, or we ourselves, have become instant businessmen by selling all kinds of stuff online. But then again, this  does not free you from your responsibilities as students. You were still required to submit papers,  and other requirements  to complete your grades in school. The abrupt disruption of our classes when the lockdown was imposed caught us all unaware.  But I am so grateful that Aldersgate College is equipped with multi-skilled personnel who are more than ready to meet this new challenge. Within days, we were able to come  up with possible solutions to the problems that confronted us as a result of the lockdown. Despite the possibility of using the internet to interact with our students, we had to consider the plight of those who live in remote areas with no access to the world wide web.  Those who do not have internet access therefore  are given the option to accomplish modules to be submitted  via drop off points.

We may differ in the way we face this new situation, but definitely, we have to understand that the lockdown is not an extended vacation. You may have gotten used to getting up late, to being glued to your gadgets playing online games, but you must never forget  that Education is still part of your life in preparation for a bright future for yourself.

At this point in time, have you pondered on what happens after you finish your Junior or your Senior Education? Have you decided to go on learning despite the situation we are in? After all, education is not merely feeding the mind. It is also feeding the heart. What did this pandemic teach you? Has it made you more aware of the importance of your family? Have you learned to appreciate things which you have taken for granted before? Have you given time to tend a garden, care for pets, do a hobby and most importantly, to connect with God? It is now more than ever, that we have to strengthen our faith in the Lord, regardless of our religious affiliation. Are you one of the millions who are praying seriously that this pandemic will soon end? That a cure will be discovered, and that we can go back to our normal lives? And when I say normal life, I mean a life with no fear of an unknown virus that may infect us anytime, a life lived in harmony with our fellowmen, and in harmony with God’s creation.

The Theme of the Department of Education for this School Year,  “Sulong EduKalidad: Pagtataguyod sa Kinabukasan ng Bayan’ or Championing the Nation’s Future, speaks about how we can assure  a bright future, not only for us, but most importantly, for our children. The theme emphasizes the essential role of quality education in helping Filipino learners achieve their full potential in order to fulfill their dreams and contribute meaningfully to nation-building.  This is easier said than done, especially at this time, when we do not know when this pandemic will end.

We, in the academe are not only beset by problems of the content of learning but also by how we can best deliver it. Do you think it is easier for teachers to do their job now? Definitely not. We have to realign our curriculum with the needs of the times. Our teachers have to undergo webinars to equip them with new strategies and new content. This can mean total revision of what we were used to doing before.

You, our dear parents, have been our partners in educating our children since the beginning, but we need your partnership with us now more than ever. Thank you for being there, supporting your children. Together, we can do this. Together we can survive this pandemic.

At this juncture,  let me congratulate our Grade 10 Completers and our Grade 12 Graduates for having come this far in their educational journey. Do not think that it is bad luck that brought us to this situation. Take this as a new kind of challenge that needs to be met by a new strategy.  Let your creativity get to work and face this challenge head-on, after all, it is not the end of the world. So much is still in store for you. The world is waiting for a new generation of workers to gravitate it, a new generation of players that will make a positive impact on society and the environment.

According  to the 2016 McCann Worldgroup’s global study on “Truth AboutYouth”, Filipino millennials and centennials are characterized as socially conscious and aspiring to have a greater purpose. I believe that you are like the 96 % of  Filipino millennials who are inclined to make a positive contribution to the community and the  26 % percent who want to be remembered as someone who made a difference. That’s accoding to the study.

In conclusion, accept my warmest congratulations for successfully hurdling the obstacles that may have otherwise hindered you from getting to where you are now. May the Father Almighty continue to guide us all today and in the days ahead!

Alumni Homecoming 2019

Savouring a brighter future through our glorious past.

They say that “Home is where the heart is”.

Your coming back to our Alma Mater today means your hearts are still with Aldersgate College. For that, I am thankful. So, Welcome home! Welcome to your Alma Mater!

To those of you who have been away for some time, I am happy to inform you that during the time that you were away, your Alma Mater is in the good hands of our untiring and hardworking administrators, faculty and staff. We made sure that the quality of our instruction and our services continue to improve.

We try our best to prepare our graduates to excel in their respective professions and that our PRC passing rate will continue to level up.

I wish to inform everyone that we had a re-clustering of our courses, resulting to a new nomenclature of some of our colleges, specifically, the CET is  now the College  of Enguneering, Informatics and Technology (CEIT) under the deanship of Engr. Godofredo M. Batarao; the SBA (which used to be the  CBE, then CBIT) is now the School of Business, Management and Accountancy (SBMA) under Dr. Romeo M. Bicad as the dean. We still have the College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASE) with Debora B. Sampaga as Dean; the School of Criminology (SC) under the leadership of Dean Jose B . Omingle; the School of Medical Sciences (SMS)  under Marivic D. Dela Torre as Dean; the Graduate School of Education (GSE) with Deb Sampaga as Dean and the Graduate School of Management (GSM) which is also under Dr. Romulo Bicad.  Of course our Elementary School and the AC High School  under Mrs. Cely Luna and Marissa Taguinod as the respective Principals. 

I wish to underscore that the High School was recently awarded a 5-year Level 2 Accreditation and we are gearing up for Level 3. Early this month, our Level 2 accredited programs, Education, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Business were visited for resurvey and we are praying to be awarded Level 3 accredited status. A preliminary survey of the Elementary School, the Tourism and Hospitality and Criminology programs was also undertaken.

This school year, we are are blessed with an increase in enrolment in all levels. This can be partly attributed to the Voucher and ESC funds for the high school and the TES program from the government.  

As a result of this, we have constructed 4 classrooms for the high school in the EZE building and 4 classrooms for the College in the CSS building. With God’s grace, we aim to finish the second floor of the CSS building which means additional 10 classrooms. I know we have limited funds for this, but with your prayers and financial contribution, no matter how small, we can finish this project in the ensuing school year.

As you can see, we have started painting the EZE building and we also wish to do the same with the ICDC building.

Our classrooms are mostly provided with LED screens to facilitate instruction. You may have also noticed that we have installed turnstiles at the entrance and only students with valid IDs can enter, while simultaneously, a text message is sent to the parents of their child’s entry and exit. For the faculty and staff, we use biometrics for entrance and exit.

 We have also  expanded our canteen to be able to cater to the growing number of students.

Our pupils and students continue to excel in competitions in the   district, provincial and regional levels.  As you did while you were students here, these experiences are avenues where their skills are honed to prepare them for greater responsibilities like you now have. We are proud that many of you, our dear alumni are now raising the torch high for Aldersgate College wherever you are. I wish to  take this opportunity to thank you all for your presence. Indeed it is a manifestation that you recognise Aldersgate College as a part of your glorious past.  Graduation from the academe doesn’t sever your relationship with it.

Like our parents who nourished us, we leave our Alma Mater, only to come back and give back to her whatever we can give back as a manifestation of our gratitude.

Today we are here, not only to meet old friends and teachers but also to dream together with us for an Aldersgate College that we can all be proud of. Be our partners in looking forward to a better future. We need your commitment. We need your help. We need your prayers.