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Tuition Fee

Payment of Fees

  1. All payments should be transacted directly with the Treasurer’s Office.
  2. A student who has not paid anything on the stipulated deadline will be considered not enrolled. As such, this will automatically result in the removal of the student’s name from the official enrolment list.
  3. Students paying on installment basis who fail to pay on the stipulated deadline will be allowed to complete the remainder of the term. However, such students will not be allowed to enroll for the next trimester and their documents, e.g., Transcript of Records, transfer Credentials, certifications, will be withheld until balance is paid.
  4. A student who paid on installment basis and, eventually, discontinues attending classes will have to pay the balance of his/her tuition and other fees.
  5. All enrolled students are covered by a personal accident insurance, 24 hours a day, on and off campus, for injuries and death caused by accident.

Scholarship, Grants-In-Aids and Discounts

  1. Entrance Scholarship
      Graduates of Aldersgate College (Tertiary Level) are granted 5% automatic Tuition Fee Discount.
  2. Grant-in-Aid
      100% tuition scholarship is given to the Editor-in-Chief of the Paragon and 75% is given to the Associate Editor.
  3. Special Scholarships
    1. Church workers and their children are given 30% tuition scholarship.
    2. Aldersgate College personnel are given 100 % tuition fee scholarship.
    3. Spouses of Aldersgate College personnel are given 50% tuition fee discount.
    4. Students under external scholarships are advised to coordinate with the Treasurer’s Office regarding payment of their tuition and other fees.
  4. Cash Discount
      Full cash payment of the entire tuition and other fees within one (1) month from the start of the classes entitles the students to a cash discount of five percent.