Hospitality Management


The School of Hospitality Management envisions itself as a leader in molding competent and competitive hoteliers, restaurateurs and tourism enthusiasts who will address the persistently soaring demand for highly qualified hospitality and tourism employees in the country and in foreign lands through detailed managerial principles, skill-based trainings, and in-depth analysis of existing industry practices.


The School of Hospitality Management formally opens its doors in 2010 to hone the managerial knowledge and skills of young and vibrant individuals who are enthusiastically immersed in the realms of hospitality and tourism industries by providing practical applications in different aspects in the industry such as food service procedures, culinary arts, hotel operations, and hospitality education, as well as  tour and travel operations, transportation, accommodation, events management, allied services, entertainment and recreation, tourism research and education, tourism planning and development and other tourism services.

The School of Hospitality Management shall set the pillars in developing proficient hospitality and tourism workforce through deep personality enrichment, profound managerial principles, sound hands-on trainings and intensive exposures to various institutional affiliations, thus, enabling the students to have a better gauge of the real scenario in the industry.

Curricular Emphasis

The School of Hospitality Management offers a cutting-edge curriculum in Hotel and Restaurant Management which ventures into the different viewpoints of the hospitality industry such as safety, hygiene & sanitation, culinary arts, food & beverage services, banquet, function & catering services, entrepreneurship & business planning, housekeeping procedures, rooms division management, food & beverage control system, events, convention, leisure, sports & recreation management, hospitality operational and organizational management and other aspects which entail a keen eye of a manager.

It also offers an equally advanced curriculum in Tourism Management which undertakes various philosophies in tourism principles, Philippine and world tourism, tourism planning and development, tourism marketing, tourism research methods and techniques, tourism impacts and sustainability, information technology in tourism, transportation management, travel agency management and operations, resort management, cruise sales and management, entrepreneurship in tourism, environmental conservations for tourism, heritage tourism and other details concerning the industry.

The two courses actively integrate technological advancements in the discussion of the topics, pertinent laboratory activities, rigorous training in different related establishments and thorough case studies of the situations in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Academic Programs

  • 4-Year  Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM)
    The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management curriculum entail various principles, concepts, and activities that will hone the knowledge and skills of the students in the hospitality industry. It provides learning of managerial functions and practical applications in different aspects in the industry such as food service procedures, culinary arts, hotel operations, and hospitality education, which will eventually mold the students into proficient hoteliers and restaurateurs in the future.Even while studying, students can gain the skills competence certificates below after passing the skills certification tests conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development authority (TESDA). These skills certifications are their passports for employment in specialized hotel and restaurant operations even though they have not yet completed the 4-year degree course.
  • Certificate in Food and Beverage Services NC II
  • Certificate in Bread & Pastry NC II
  • Certificate in Housekeeping NC II
  • 4-Year  Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM)


Research, Training & Extension

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