1. Documentary Requirements. Entering Freshmen students are required to submit the following:
    1. Form 138 (Report Card)
    2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from last school attended
    3. 1″ x 1″ ID picture
  2. Transferees. Transferees may be admitted upon the presentation of the following credentials:
    1. Honorable Dismissal from last school attended
    2. Certificate of Good Moral Character from school last attended
    3. Official Transcript of Records. If not available initially, a list of all subjects taken with grades from a) school terms attended, but the enrollee is considered as temporarily enrolled. The Official Transcript of Records must be submitted two (2) weeks from the start of classes, however, for the student to be considered permanently enrolled.
    4. 1 X 1 I.D. Picture.
  3. Registration
    1. Proceed to your respective college enrollment room and seek for your adviser and secure enrollment form and class schedule.
    2. Fill-up enrollment form and have it approved by the Dean/Associate Dean.
    3. Fill all BLANKS as indicated.
    4. Copy the advised subject to take: DO NOT CHANGE PRIOR TO ADVICE
    5. Proceed to the Data Encoding Section at the Registrar’s Office and have your subjects encoded.
    6. Proceed to Window 1 (Accounting) for assessment.
    7. Proceed to window 2 (Treasury) for payment and for Enrollment Form stamped “ENROLLED”.
    8. Present your official receipt and submit Enrollment Form to the Registrar’s Office and secure Validated Enrollment Schedule.
    9. Proceed to the Library and present your Validated Enrollment Schedule to validate I.D or acquire I.D
  4. Acquisition and Validation of identification Card (ID)
    1. Students without I.D will proceed to the Library and show stamped “ENROLLED” Registration Form and submits 1 x 1 ID picture.
    2. Students with ID will proceed to the Library and show the stamped “ENROLLED” Registration Form and submit ID card for Librarian’s initial to validate status of bonafide students.
  5. Changing, Dropping and Adding of Subject and/or Course Students desiring to drop or change subjects must do so within two weeks from the first day of the class by notifying the Registrar and the Treasurer for adjustments.
    1. The foregoing rules apply whether or not the student has attended classes.
    2. Secure Subject Change – Add – Drop Slip from the Registar’s Office.
    3. Accomplish form in triplicate copies
    4. Proceed to the Adviser/Dean for approval.
    5. Go to the Treasurers Office for reassessment and payment.
    6. Submit copies to the Treasurer, Registrar and Dean.
    7. Return classcards to the Registrar or get classcards from the adviser.
  6. The following are the rules in dropping subjects during classes.
    1. Show Registration Form and Secure Drop Slip from the Registrar’s Office in triplicate copies.
    2. Secure approval of Instructor/Deans by affixing signature in the drop slip.
    3. Submit copies to the Registrar, Treasurer and Dean.
    4. Deadline for dropping of subject is two weeks after Enrollment.
    5. A subject that is dropped but is either not dropped officially or dropped after the deadline will be marked with a grade of 5.0 or failure.
  7. Re-admission
    1. Re-admission is made available to all students who have dropped out from school for personal reasons after complying with the academic requirements.
    2. Re-admission is also given to the students who have dropped out because of disciplinary reasons on a case to case basis provided that they will comply with the academic requirements and rules/regulations of the school.
  8. Repetition of Courses
    1. A student may repeat as often as desired, for higher grade, a previously taken course subject to the following provisions:
    2. The course must have been taken in all registration on campus.
    3. The grade received each time taken must have been computed in the semester grade point average.
    4. The higher or highest-grade report will show hours credit each time passed, but the total hours toward degree will be equal only to the semester hours credited for the course.
    5. For the course previously passed P/F (passed/failed), the grade received in the subsequent registration for regular grade is the higher grade.
    6. Each grade received remains permanent on record and a notation is made thereon that the course has been repeated.
  9. Faculty Advisers for Students Each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor to advise and assist him on the procedures for registration, course selection, and academic requirements.
  10. Additional Policies for Freshmen Students All first year college students are required to take the English Proficiency Examination. Those who fail the examination and those who fail to take the examination are required to take English Plus.


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