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            The School of Informatics has a vital role to reach out to the community and realizes its goals and objectives through the Outreach or Extension Program.  Its social relevance is evident through the social services that are extended to the community. 

                To realize the goals and objectives of its Outreach Program, the School of Informatics decided to adopt Barangay Calaocan in Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya, a joint venture with Aldersgate Christian Child Center (ACCC) as its beneficiary.  The program started with the planning phase in order to come up with appropriate actions. Fifty five (55) families were identified and listed as beneficiaries of the program.  The participants in the extension program composed of the faculty and students conducted a survey to identify the problems of the barangay folks. The identified problems of the beneficiaries of ACCC and Barangay Calaocan served as basis for the faculty and students to determine the components of the Outreach Program and design the system of implementing the program.  These problems  had been solved through capability building, computer literacy, livelihood programs or projects, entrepreneurship, health services and environmental concern.   Resources were generated to support the implementation of what had been planned. In the real sense of the word service, many people with generous hearts who were willing to share their resources and who care enough to support others were tapped.

Some students and faculty of the School of Informatics have participated in a culminating activity that was undertaken. This activity somehow had touched the hearts and minds of the beneficiaries while at the same time encouraged the students and faculty to reinforce their willpower to serve and love their fellowmen.

The School of Informatics believes in the spirit of service to fellowmen as realization of the objectives of Aldersgate College such as Academic Excellence, Social Relevance and Spiritual Nurture.  There is a strong conviction that through the Barangay Calaocan Kabuhayan, Kalusugan at Teknolohiya Para Sa Kaunlaran Outreach Program, these institutional goals will be achieved.  



                The School of Informatics, through its Outreach Program aims:

  1. To develop the people in the community into a more productive, self-sufficient and responsible citizens.
  2. To provide the beneficiaries community access to computer literacy through the conduct of information technology trainings.
  3. To conduct livelihood trainings to the program beneficiaries as a means of earning a living.
  4. To encourage the program beneficiaries and other residents of the barangay to initiate entrepreneurial activities to augment their income after undergoing series of trainings.
  5. To integrate nutrition and other allied health services for a healthy living.
  6. To motivate the people in the barangay to be conscious about the preservation of the environment.
  7. To strengthen linkages between the school, the community, the government and other supporting agencies.




  • 55 families of Barangay Calaocan, Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya




Program Components Linkages
1. Capability Building and Development AC-CREATE, CACENCOR Programme, Provincial and Municipal Government
2. Computer Literacy

  • Computer Training, IT Services
ACI, ACGOC, Hewlett Packard, Cyber City, UPITTC, PCS, JPCS, JEDI
3. Livelihood Training

  • Food Processing, Handicrafts,


AC-CREATE, DTI, TESDA, School of Hospitality Management, FULLER LIFE, AVON
4. Nutrition and Allied Health Services

  • Feeding Program, Medical and Dental Health Services (thru medical mission, etc.)
School of Hospitality Management, School of Medical Sciences, Veterans Regional Hospital, Quezon Rural Health Unit, Greenwich and  Chowking
5. Environmental Preservation and Protection

  • Tree Planting, Proper Wastes Disposal or Wastes Management
Provincial and Municipal Government, DENR, AC-CREATE, and  School of Hospitality Management



                In the realization of the goals and objectives of the institution through the School of Informatics Outreach Program, the following policies and strategies will be used to guide the operations:

  1. Development a self-sustaining community through an enhanced capability building program and development.
  2. Providing community access to computer literacy for the beneficiaries who are unable to have opportunities for free IT services. 
  3. Conduct and facilitation of livelihood trainings via consultation with experts of any required technology.
  4. Integration of nutrition and other allied health services that are critical to survival and development by using inter-agency but community-based approach.
  5. Advocacy and motivation concerning environmental preservation and protection.
  6. Strengthening of linkages between the school, community, government and other supporting agencies.



  1. A.      Program Director 
Ms. Carmencita G. Mendoza, ACCC Superintendent 
  1. Program Overall Coordinator


Mr. Ray L. Anquiliano (on-leave)Mr. Alfred Benson C. Co            
  1. Program Components
Component Persons Involved
  1. Capability Building Program
Mr. Alfred Benson C. CoMr. Ray L. Anquiliano                                          Dr. Romeo M. Bicad, DeanMr. Fernando S. AgraanMrs. Sharon Joy D. Cabanlong
  1.  Computer Training Program
Mr. Marlou Felix S. Cunanan III                                                                                Mrs. Sharon Joy D. CabanlongMr. Luther King A. Tambaoan Mr. Alfred Benson C. CoMr. Pink Euria L. Montano
  1. Livelihood Training
Dr. Romeo M. Bicad, DeanMrs. Sharon Joy D. CabanlongMs. Cyrine Fae B. CawagdanMs. Carmencita G. Mendoza
  1.  Nutrition and Health Allied Services
Ms. Bernadette Anne R. dela CruzDr. Romeo M. Bicad, DeanMr. Ray L. Anquiliano
  1.  Environmental Preservation & Protection
Dr. Romeo M. Bicad, DeanMr. Fernando S. AgraanMr. Ray L. AnquilianoMs. Carmencita G. Mendoza                                                         
  1. Consultants
Dr. Junifen F. Gauuan, AC PresidentMrs. Prescilla Esperanza A. Soriano, Sr. Executive Asst. for Education