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Teacher-centered strategies unveiled in TSEP survey

In line with the Teaching Styles Enhancement Program (TSEP) of Aldersgate College, a Teaching Style Assessment (TSA) was conducted last semester covering faculty members of all academic units. It revealed that  the strategies frequently used by teachers are lecture/teacher talk, question and answer, and teacher-led whole class discussion.

In addition to these strategies which are classified as whole class activities, other preferred strategies are exam paper questions, regular tests and individual assignments which are categorized as individual activities. The least preferred strategies are: use of computerized databases, spreadsheets and multi-media resources, as well as allowing students personal choice in class assignments.

Based on these findings, the  TSEP Program Leader, Rizalyn L. Esquivel, English Department, concluded that the prevailing teaching method in the delivery of lessons by teachers is still lecture/teacher talk. This method reflects a teaching-learning process that is very teacher-centered.

As a preliminary move to improve the teaching-learning process, Language instructors were sent to a seminar-workshop on Current Methods in English Language Teaching and Testing with emphasis on Communicative Approach; and Module Preparation held at the University of the Philippines.

Subsequently, the Aldersgate College:  Developing a Culture of Academic Excellence Training Series 01, was conducted from June 2-5, 2009, at the ICDC Audio Visual Room to train educational administrators and faculty on the use and development of advanced learning tools and methods which introduced plenty of learner-centered strategies and educational multi-media  resources to the teaching-learning environment.

TSEP is an important component of the Total Educational Quality Improvement Plan (TEQIP) initiated in October, 2008, by the College President Dr. Junifen F. Gauuan. The TESP program staff is composed of Rizalyn L. Esquivel (Program Peader), together with Prescilla A. Soriano (Senior Executive Assistant for Education), Jenifer Raymond R. Tallungan (Public Information Officer and data analyst), Deans, Principals and selected Teaching Style Assessors.