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ACHS revs up for ACSCU-AAI visit

In its continuous quest for quality education, ACHS underwent Level II accreditation under the auspices of the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities Accrediting Agency Incorporated (ACSCU-AAI )on January 25-29, 2010.

The ACSCU-AAI Team evaluated the school along the following areas: 1. Mission and Objectives: 2. Organization and Administration; 3. Instructional Program; 4. Student Services 6. Physical Resources ; ( 7) Instructional Resources and (8) Outcomes.

The Visiting Team composed of Dr. Nelson A. Pomado( CPU) as the chairman; Mrs. Zenaida Sevilla (CPU) examined the area Instructional Program and Resources; Mrs. Ma. Belle Abad (HCHS) took care of the Student Services and Physical Resources areas and Ms Jorgia Credo (TUA) the library area.

To strengthen the documents presented , the team went on their way observing classes, interviewing student leaders, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, administrators as well as the members of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the institution.