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  • Comprehensive review & final coaching sessions totaling 380 Hours with zero disruption
  • Cutting-edge review modules
  • Innovative e-Learning and Multi-Media-supported review sessions
  • Extended home-based review & tutorials
  • intensive lectures delivered by topnotch Review Specialists & Facilitators in the country
  • Reviewee Test Performance Analysis & in-depth reinforcement tutorials & rationalizations by Review Specialists & Facilitators
  • Comprehensive Final coaching sessions with emphasis on latest trends and updates in the local RN exam questions.
  • Reviewee-friendly Nursing Review Kit containing Review Schedules, quick Review Materials and Study Guides.
  • Very reasonable Review Fee which covers the Intensive Review, Final Coaching, Review Kit, Tutorials and Counseling Sessions.
  • Comprehensive Review and Final Coaching on nursing clinical disciplines with emphasis on US – specific diseases & their management.
  • Review strategies that strengthen knowledge-base, comprehension, analytical & application skills on the heart & soul of NCLEX Examination, i.e., Safe and Effective Care Environment, Health Promotion & Maintenance, Psycho-social Integrity and Physiologic Integrity.
  • Computer-assisted adaptive Simulation Practice Examinations containing specific case Studies and miscellaneous questions all presented in NCLEX-RN Exam style and format.
  • Computer-assisted individualized review, testing, test assessment and tutorials to identify the reviewees’ strengths & weaknesses.
  • Repertoire of effective Test-Taking Skills to improve test scores.
  • Very affordable review fee which is inclusive of Intensive Review and Final Coaching Sessions, Tutorials, Counseling and Practice Exams, and Review Kits and materials.

PRC offers a high quality Nursing Review course with


The PRC NCLEX Review course is based on international standards. it offers


The PRC Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Review offers Comprehensive Review and Final Coaching based on the National Teacher Competency Standards. It uses multi-media and computer-assisted methods of review, testing, rationalization and assessment.