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Integrated Child Development Center (ICDC)

The INTEGRATED CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER (ICDC) was established in 1988 to become the venue for a community-wide self-reliant effort toward the holistic development of children. The Nederlands Comite voor Kinderpostzegels and the First United Methodist Church of Anchorage, Alaska financed its building, equipment, and recurrent programs. Its programs include (i) Rural Pre-School Extension, which is concerned with the formal and non-formal training of kindergarten teachers in underserved areas, and
(ii) the organization of new community-based kindergartens.

The ICDC is presently implementing 2 major programs:

  • the ALDERSGATE CHRISTIAN CHILD CENTER(ACCC) funded by ChildFund Japan, formerly CHRISTIAN CHILD WELFARE ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN (CCWA) Child Sponsorship Project in the Municipality of Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya which, within the next three(3) years, is expected to serve 300 children and families;
  • the LEARNING THROUGH PLAY (LTP) PROGRAM for the benefit of 0-6 year-old children in partnership with the HINCKS DELLCREST TREATMENT CENTRE of the City of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

The Learning Through Play (LTP) is a parent-child education through play program which was developed by the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, a center for mental health service for infants, children, youth and their families.

Mrs. Cely B. Luna, AC Pre-School Teacher, attends 20th Assembly of DIAKONIA WORLD FEDERATION

Diakonia World Federation is an association of Deaconesses and community of Church Related Women Workers who are called by the Lord of the church to service of reconciliation in the world with the word of faith and action of love.

Each association is being represented to the World Diakonia Assembly every 4 years with their voice and vote. This year, among the 568 members of the Association of Deaconesses of the United Methodist Church in the Philippines, I am blessed and proud for having been elected as the principal delegate of our association to the 20th Assembly of Diakonia World Federation which was held last July 20-27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. This gathering was attended by 369 delegates from all over the world with the theme, ” Diakonia Crossroads of Grace…, Revive and Reconcile.”

During the assembly, every delegate was inspired, impressed and even challenged through the messages, lectures and bible reflections of the knowledgeable speakers. We all enjoyed the well-organized program of activities. I even had the opportunity to render my report as a representative of our country. These great experiences empowered, renewed, re-strengthened my commitment and passion for service and ministry to this institution as well as to the crossroads closer to home when people yearn for God’s grace and an opportunity to bring revival and reconciliation.


Mrs. Soriano with Andrew Reesor Mc Dowell and Esperanza Macoto

Mrs. Prescilla Esperanza A. Soriano (nee Prescilla A. Maddela) the LTP coordinator for the Philippines Project and ICDC Director, attended the Learning Through Play International Networking Conference on August 12-18, 2009, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is her 2ndopportunity to represent the Philippines in an LTP International conference, the first being held in May, 2006. She has also participated in the LTP Southeast Asian Regional Conference in India in 2007.

Mrs. Soriano was among seventeen (17) delegates from eleven (11) countries that implement the LTP program. These countries are Uganda, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Ethiopia, Peru, the Philippines, Jamaica, Pakistan and India.

Each country representative was given forty five minutes to one hour to present the activities implemented by the LTP Program in their respective countries.

The representatives were very pleased to report the LTP impact to beneficiaries, among which are: the breakdown in negative practices; LTP becoming an alternative to traditional parenting practices; change in the perception of adults; child’s right advocacy; reduction of domestic violence and contributing to a culture of peace ( there is a connection of LTP and the reduction of violence because LTP handles behavior properly); the development of new relationships; reduction of negative Attitudes; and gender balance

Some of the lessons learned from the experience of the project implementers are:

” You are the mirror. Think of how you behave in front of the child. When a child sees a father hitting his wife, he learns to believe that that is how love is expressed.”

Mrs. Soriano, presenting the LTP Philippines report

Aside from the reports given by the delegates, lecturers who are experts on issues relevant to parenting, were likewise invited.

Angelique Jenney of the Child Development Institute of Canada made a presentation on Family Violence. She said, “The quality of the environment directly influences the quality of parental care. This care influences the development of the brain and in particular, alters the development of particular genes which are largely responsible for stress/danger responses.”

Other issues discussed were Traumatic Bonding, Working with Parents of Children in Crisis, the Role of the Father in Parenting, and Stimulation and Nutrition.

The delegates were given the chance to visit several sites of the Ontario Early Years Center, to observe how teachers and parents deal with children under six.

After the conference, the delegates were expected to go back to their respective countries, enlightened, empowered and equipped with new strategies to implement Learning Through Play.