Student Information & Accounting System

General Features…

1. Complete and integrated registrar, cashiering, budgeting and accounting software.
2. Fastest 2-step enrollment procedure – Encoding (30 sec) and Payment (30 sec).
3. Integrated text messaging for students, parents and administrators.
4. Already used and endorsed by other private and gov’t colleges & universities.
5. Industrial grade, finished, tested and proven software for 6 years.
6.The only existing commercial SIAS in region 2, CAR, Baguio City, etc.
7.    Latest software technology (Windows XP, VFP 9.0 & MySQL 5.0)
8.    Enhanced version 2.5.x software (guaranteed efficiency and reliability)
9.    Fully-customizable and adaptable software (no re-programming needed).
10.  Very secure and reliable database used by NASA, Google, Yahoo, etc.
11.  Can store up to 4 billion student accounts (unlimited capacity)
12.  Real-time student ledger transactions and reports (no posting).
13.  Real-time trial balance, income statement and balance sheet (no posting)
14.  Free 1-year technical support and training.

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