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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Avocado Seeds ( Persiaamericana ) As Feed Supplement for Broilers

2nd Runner-Up, Life Science, Team Category, 2010 Division Science Fair and Quest

Bagabag National High School, Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya

Researchers:                 Bonn Brix Sententa

                                                Elvira Rodriquez

                                               Macky Macadangdang

Research Adviser:         Cathelyn C. Mariano



            This study was conducted to determine the effectivity of avocado (Persiaamericana) as feed supplement in increasing the weight of broilers.

The avocado seeds were collected from different juice and shake vendors of Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. The drying of avocado seeds was done at Biology Laboratory of Aldersgate College. Feeding and observation of the broilers for forty two days (42) was done at Brgy. Quezon, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya.

There were three treatments in this study, each treatment consists of three broilers and they were fed according to treatments. The three treatments were as follows: treatment 1 (100% of avocado seed); treatment 2 (50% avocado seeds and 50% commercial feeds) and treatment 3 (100% commercial feeds).

Different rations were given three times a day for 42 days. Clean water was provided to broilers daily. The weight of the broilers was recorded weekly. In describing the experimental data, the mean was used in computing the difference between the initial and final weight of the broilers.

The researchers therefore conclude that the avocado seeds are effective in increasing the weight of broilers.

The null hypothesis stating that the treatment conducted which is not significantly different is rejected. This further implies that the three treatments conducted significantly differ from each other.

Aldersgate College Performance Evaluation System

Image courtesy of

Marlou Felix S. Cunanan III, MBA, MIT

The performance evaluation system operates on the principle that work effectiveness can be assessed through observation of  occurrences in desired human behaviors. It also subscribes to the belief that there is always room for continuous improvement in work performance provided desired human behaviors are learned, assimilated and practiced.  The Performance Evaluation System ( is  therefore a  tool for measuring, monitoring and controlling work performance from different perspectives, i.e., students, subordinates, superiors, and peers.

The Performance Evaluation System provides a list of desired human behaviors that have been proven capable of generating  positive  teaching outcomes. It  provides benchmarks for identifying and measuring weaknesses  in  job performance so that proper remedies can be instituted. This includes self-correcting mechanisms at the personal and institutional levels.

The performance reports and ratings  generated by the various  evaluation perspectives will be analyzed and consolidated to be used for  making decisions on the following:

  1. Employee improvement programs
  2. Granting of pay increments
  3. Determining order of layoffs
  4. Rating employee’s suitability for promotion
  5. Examining the employee’s suitability for the job
  6. Justifying administrative decision to transfer, demote, or dismiss an employee

Aldersgate College e-Resources Library Launched

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Welcome!!! Students, Academics, Professionals, Researchers and fellow Netizens to the e-Resources Library of Aldersgate College! We established this website to simplify the exploration of Digital Libraries, Educational Portals and Websites in the World Wide Web.

The e-Resources Library systematizes the search for Web information which are applicable to the academic programs, courses, subjects and topics studied in school. These digital resources are in the form of Professional and Institutional Websites, Multi-Media Presentations, Videos, Audios, e-Books, e-Journals, e-News, Instructional Modules and Coursewares. They are very ideal learning materials for academic study and research. And even more appropriately, they can be integrated in Instructional Modules and Coursewares used in Pure Online and Blended Online & Classroom modes of instruction.

We classified the e-Resources Library Search options into three (3) general categories:


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It is an undeniable fact that Information explosion is a rising phenomenon. The Information age demands individuals to possess technological literacy and meet the challenges of an emerging expertise that dare to test the traditional process of teaching and learning.  The increasing role played by information technology in the development of society calls for an active reaction to its challenges.

This awareness confronts educators in all areas. Being tasked with equipping students with this much- needed proficiency, the School of Informatics of Aldersgate College set aside a time to celebrate IT Week and zeroed in on the theme “Building, Creating, Innovating the Future Through IT Education”.

The celebration held on  February 22-25, 2011 at the Aldersgate College Audio Visual Room was conducted through a series of seminars and workshops, including IT skills competition.

The SI Dean, Dr. Romeo M. Bicad, and the College President, Dr. Junifen F. Gauuan. delivered their respective messages, and intermission numbers were showcased in between the lectures that followed.

The invited speakers were IT experts from different parts of the province, the first being Mrs. Essel T. Cañaberal, a BSIT and MIT graduate and currently an Instructor of the School of Computing Science and Information Technology of Saint Mary’s University in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. She discussed “Object Oriented Programming (Java.Net)” on the first day and “Computer Networking and Basic Configuration” the day after. Ms. Dianne Rose Bangloy, another IT Instructor of Saint Mary’s University talked on “Current Trends in IT and IT Research and Development”. Mr. Sean Bracebridge of Saint Mary’s University, discussed “Visual C#.NET”.

Aldersgate College prides itself of its own IT experts, two of whom are Mr. Rodel B. Balallo and Mr. Led Fender L. Montano, who gave their lectures on “Multi-Media Photo, Video and Animation”. Another IT authority of the AC SI is Mr. Pink Euria L. Montano, Computer Programmer and IT Instructor, who talked on “Wireless Computing and Control.”

A workshop was conducted after the lectures were given, and was followed by the Skills Competition. The champions in the corresponding contest events were Mr. Lemuel C. Sanchez, BSIT2, Image and Graphics Design; Mr. Manuel B. Balmores, BSIT2, Animation; and Mr. Roberto Y. Tabuan II, BSIT2,  Computer Programming.

Parlor Games and Video-oke Singing were conducted to spice up the activities which culminated in a closing program on the 4th day.